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A NRB look at: The congress-election of September 2013

Day 2,134, 14:31 Published in Norway Finland by Kristoph Woldskji
Hello good fellow citizens of eNorway and foreign spectators!

Todays edtion of NRB is about wedensday’s congress-election

Written by the Ministry of Immigration

The congress-election of September 2013

After two very tense weeks, with the Epic-Warfare competition, then we again come to the most vulernable part of the eNorwegian political scene, the congress-election.
With our current state of affairs, then we are to elect 10 congressmen, as we only have 1 region after the Romanian AirStrike following the attempted .andlease to Bulgaria.

Currently, the roosters of the Top5 parties are filled with citizens wanting to serve for the best of the eNation, only waiting for the PartyPresidents to do their job tomorrow and re-arrange the order of priority of the candidates.

We are, to a certain degree, saddened that we still don’t have a political scene where the parties actively and publicly campaigns for different political directions.
Yet, as a small nation, then this is probably to be expected with a fair unison “elite”...
And “we” will be ever-vilgilant in our task of keeping eNorway and it’s funds safe; as those funds are meant for the nation and our citizens, on the day they are needed.

And you fresh players; please use your voice, dare to rise with us and against us!
We are still in heavy need for active and willing citizens in our little eNation, because we all have a responsebility in bringing greatness to eNorway!

There are currently going rumors that a new PTO-situation might be on the rise.
We advise all citizen to think for themselves on what and who they choose to vote for, as we as a small nation is very vulnerable against organized PTO-groups and we from time to time have alot of funds in the open.
The following lists are with the candidates of all 6 parties in eNorway, even though only 5 of them can run for congress, with a special note on the final party.

Top 5 parties with their current candidates;
(Not in order of priority, that will change tomorrow with the power invested in the sitting party-presidents, we will keep updating these lists)

- DronningSirikit
- fredrikz
- Indigodavo95
- ivan europe
- Kilorien
- Vileskont

Free Liberty;
Official party statement on the coming election
- Akashaton
- Harald Halfdansson
- Joshua Morriseau
- Vasil I. Kunchev

Norwegian Communist League;
- babk
- robi2202
- WP Attak

TP The Party;
- Delirium90
- efjeldse
- Endors
- Glost
- Sky 33
- T Cherub

- Divonex
- JornStian
- Kristoph Woldskji
- Martin Robstad
- MrVmax
- Sirdar

Parties outside of the Top 5 and their candidates;

Nordic Peacekeeper Alliance;
* Attention; This party is considered to be under control by anti-eNorwegian citizens, possible PTO’ers *
*Their rooster mainly consist of rogue congressmen and illegal immigrants *

- Doctor Antirus
- Igoreckkkk
- merashaa
- sunflovers
- sysha354
- vif12vf

Several citizens in this party was also permanently banned during the last PP-election, please keep this in mind as well.

Good luck!

We wish you all the best of luck in the coming election; voters, candidates and parties!

The Ministry of Immigration
- Kaname Darkwind
- Kristoph Woldskji
- T Cherub

Visit our forums;
Go here to apply for eNorwegian citizenship;


Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,134, 15:11

Voted, but Free Liberty has made a Congressional Statement here for tomorrow's elections 🙂

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 2,134, 15:30

Statement added to the list of candidates 🙂

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,134, 17:46


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,135, 03:46


Igoreckkkk Day 2,135, 05:46


Akashaton Day 2,136, 01:08


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