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A Noob's Take on Alliances

Day 1,883, 20:01 Published in India United Kingdom by Cadfan

Hi guys. I’m Cadfan. 😃

This is my 3rd article. I’m still trying to find my feet within Erepublik, but everyone has been very helpful. Last article I wrote an explanation article about the war – this article is about alliances and what I think is good for eIndia. Sorry if some stuff is vague or incorrect – I got very confused at times. 🙂

First of all, eIndia is in difficult times. We need to decide which direction we are going in, in terms of alliance for our long term future. Other options exist but I think we can’t stay neutral for much longer. Neutrality is not an option in Erepublik in my view as safety and stability are obtained in alliances, neither of which we have right now. So we should consider which of the 4 major alliances to turn to. I decided to take opportunity to look at the 4 main alliances briefly and individually.

It is vital for us to have congress elections and this means we must have at least one region on Election Day. Having a congress will allow us to dictate our own future and help eIndia rise again. We must fight hard and wisely in the days leading up to the elections and need allies to help us to do this.

eIndia was a trial member of EDEN for a year and half and we were great allies for a while (according to my mentor), but unfortunately things have not progressed as anticipated recently. Many things happened, but long story short eIndia feels betrayed and cheated by eCroatia and EDEN. The situation just led on from there and now, the bridge is more or less burning. So this means EDEN is definitely not an option.

2. TWO
At first, I thought TWO could be a viable option but a bit of thought, brought me back to the recent enmities with Thailand and their connection with Serbia. I also asked some older players about TWO and found that eIndia has been more or less fighting TWO countries over the last few years. So TWO is another option that is limited

3. Asgard
My first thoughts about Asgard is that is it a small alliance that based too far away from India itself to provide and be provided direct support, and due to the fact they are more or less pro EDEN, many people in India will not rest easy with having to occasionally follow orders from EDEN. So again, I think Asgard as an unviable option.

4. CoT
When someone mentions CoT to me, the first thing I think of is eBulgaria, eIndia’s greatest friend, and the fact they are in the alliance is a bonus and if we join CoT will only serve to build an even greater Friendship. CoT is also attractive for appearing to nurture countries and helping them get baby booms. CoT will also offer us support against EDEN. However, we haven’t interacted with many of the other countries within CoT which could prove a disadvantage. But it could also be an advantage as new relationships could be built from this. I believe CoT to be a good choice.

Having looked at the 4 alliances and what they could offer India, I conclude that CoT seems to be the most viable option as they can offer us both support and the prospect of growth.

Thanks for reading




Lonqu Day 1,883, 20:29

Another amazing article! o7

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,883, 20:47

seems a foregone conclusion. voted.

Auraborus Day 1,883, 20:52


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,883, 21:23

Alector + 1
Brilliant avatar too Cadfan : D

antrak Day 1,883, 21:24


navincharles Day 1,883, 22:05

Brilliant 🙂

off whisky
off whisky Day 1,883, 22:07

You sir,have a great pen! A talented one.

ayush121212 Day 1,883, 22:25

great article mate
v + s

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,883, 22:53

Wouldn't mind seeing a mention of which TWO countries eIndia has been fighting over the years (just Thailand and Serbia or other countries also?), but otherwise, great read.

Chengis Khan
Chengis Khan Day 1,884, 01:37

V+S good job noob keep writing articles

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,884, 01:51


Stolch Day 1,884, 03:07

Alliances, come and go (weather they change their names or not is irrelevant, EDEN is the longest standing alliance only by name).

What is important is players and you're a quality one. You should write more, it is a good way to get engaged and involved early on while you're still going through the tedious task of accumulating to improve your account.

Patanjali Day 1,885, 07:13

Writte, remember the legends of eIndia, tell every new player about the "founding fathers", the struggle of eIndia during ages and teach them to stand like one.

Otherwise, without this "soul" eIndia will perish again and again, will rent regions again and again, will submit herself to the will of others.

There are plenty of resources here, but eIndian players went in the world for gain, fun, etc.
Seems it is little that keep them here, seems this is the big internal problem.

Antich Bananich
Antich Bananich Day 1,885, 08:53

fine article, just keep it up


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