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A new mentor : Uncle Mark

Day 1,913, 08:36 Published in Iran Poland by fagyan

I know its a bit late to publish this article by i had to publish 2 more before this. i did it right after the new comment system update came up 🙂



fagyan Day 1,913, 08:36

Arrlo is ♥
P.S : add poke \o/

pejmaaan Day 1,914, 06:30


vahid ki4ni
vahid ki4ni Day 1,913, 08:58

: D

E.L.E.A.N.O.R Day 1,913, 09:10

P.S : add poke \o/
= ))

k.a.r.o.b.i Day 1,913, 10:33

Comment deleted

Ali Naemi
Ali Naemi Day 1,913, 11:43

P.S : add poke \o/

Ashkan-89 Day 1,913, 21:31


l a n e r o n
l a n e r o n Day 1,914, 04:35

add poke \o/

l a n e r o n
l a n e r o n Day 1,914, 04:51

poke rolls :

1 - each time poking will cost 5 gold
2 - citizen can not poke more than 2 times per day ( for extra must pay 10 gold per each poke )
3 - poking back is free ( not for ever , just in beta version )
4 - poke and getting poke back for 5 times mean that you must have sex with him/her as fast as possible .
5 - in fact of having sex ... for first time , both of persons must buy at least one gold pack from the site .

E.L.E.A.N.O.R Day 1,914, 06:18

khhhhhhhhhh 😃

Shanix Day 1,914, 06:41


Aphr0dite Day 1,914, 06:20


Zordacz Day 1,914, 11:07

Comment deleted

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