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Day 1,918, 21:17 Published in USA Japan by Schubacca

I, James Schubert announce my presentation for a future congressional run for the newly formed SONS OF LIBERTY PARTY. Even though S.O.L. is in not in top five, I like to let my voice be heard and hope to be a future leader when the SONS OF LIBERTY can write their chapter as a new defining party. I am former AFA member which I joined in early January since my return to eRepublik since 2011 of my brief play but had stop playing due RL matters. As a member I will work to maintain my leadership and help S.O.L. grow into the party it hopes to be. There is no try. It must become the party to face the future to face the rising challenges that seem to be remained unsolved while divided parties are only dampening the future of the nation. The time is too stand up now and have a voice in our nation’s future. what is going on and especially to the current administration is clearly not resulting in any progress. As I said I was a former member of the AFA I wish not to diss them anyway but there are good people there in my view, a third option to citizens is the SONS OF LIBERTY PARTY which is the option I decided to join this new political party. As a citizen, I wish not to see this country fail and it citizens of many promises that were made. It is time to restore new leadership, truth, and wisdom that will take charge in a new age in politics that will work to solve the challenges of tomorrow and to end bitter divides in our politics.

If you believe in the SONS OF LIBERTY join our party today and fight for the American Dream!

My positions so far:

1. Support Kosovo’s Independence- Why support it because I feel it their right be recognized as they are a nation and should be respected in the world community. Serbia wants to join the EU but as I understand even some Serbians are questioning themselves. Then there is the EU itself it also not if Serbia joins the EU may decline into nothiness. However prospects are low that Serbia will joining the EU anytime soon. The United States should take a stronger lead between Kosovo and Serbia so the matter is settled to ease the minds of the EU.

2. A Change In Foreign Policy- Among the conflicts today is our wars. In my opinion some our involvement may require to cut back or ended to shift balances to other fronts for reasons of economy. The United States of America should be a superpower and lead the world. To support efforts like Operation Gangnam Style and future military operations, our management of any military action needs to be efficient and managed properly. We simply can not afford every effort and should be thought over in importance in every single case for what we’d like to support and what we can do for our allies in our power in this difficult economic times. We must pick the right battles and not the wrong ones.

3. The IES- I support the IES. I really don’t see any necessary changes to that and it’s a viable system that should continue. However I believe in pro-immigration and we need grow the country again. We need to do what takes to bring citizens here so we can prosper into the superpower once again that the United States can be.

4. Fixing the economy- With the crappy economic model that it is, we got to look at other options to bring revenue in and other inventive ideas. I propose a slight increase on taxing imports. Lower taxes to 22% (or maybe even around 18%-20%) but that issue I am negotiable on but it can’t go too low or no revenue will be brought in. However any of positions on the economy I am open to change as I am not exactly a eRepublik economic whiz.

5. Restore Bonuses- During these tough times it would appropriate in these times to bring it back. People need the help and its no excuse why not to give them a little help. This country must prosper, not fail. I noticed this being mentioned in my former party, the AFA, so I added this to my presentation.

6. Allying with Past Enemies- I just returned back in January since I was only started briefly playing in 2011 so my knowledge of past enemies is low but I would need information reviewing each past enemy as I have no opinion at this time. However I open to allying with past enemies if there is a vital importance as a high relations purpose for the United States to have with.

Any questions I am welcome answer in the comments below to the best of ability and with all truthfulness?


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,919, 04:43

Good luck.

Schubacca Day 1,920, 06:33

Thanks. Alot of work to do ahead.

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