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A more friendly experience in the media

Day 1,908, 04:20 Published in Austria Austria by II. Dexx

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The media is at the heart of the eRepublik experience since the beginning of the game. People use it for information, for debates, for arguments, or for having fun. But probably the most important role of the media is not a consequence of the articles themselves, but of what follows below. Commenting in the media was the way players first got to know each other back when the game was launched. This direct interaction between players formed friendships and ultimately forged the eRepublik community.

Those who played during Beta will remember how many great things first appeared in articles: the first map, the first battle statistics, the first lottery, (you’re going to like this) the first miss contest, and even the first church (this one is maybe not so great and highly questionable, but still, a church!).

Although IRC is now widely used as a form of communication between eRepublik players, it doesn’t make comments less important. On many articles there are comments that stir bigger debates than the article which hosts them. And for the new players, this is one of the first ways to realise how active the eRepublik community is.

Lately we worked on a small improvement that can make it easier to exchange ideas through the media system. Starting in a few days, you will be able to reply to a specific comment. The reply will be displayed directly under this comment, as well as all the following replies, creating a conversation. You will also be able to create another conversation under each of these replies.

We hope that this new system will be useful and will make commenting in the media system more user-friendly. As usual, if you have any thoughts, leave us a comment here 🙂


eRepublik Team



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