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A modest proposal: Congress of the Young for November 2012 (reposted)

Day 1,825, 20:09 Published in Philippines Republic of China (Taiwan) by Al Raposas

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This article is simply a repost of something I was proposing for Congress elections this November 25.

Congress elections were held last October 25 in many countries in the eWorld today. In ePhilippines, 20 seats were available. However, our Congress is dominated by the veterans or EXPerts (no pun intended) in the game.

Less than five seats (1/4) were given to citizens lower than level 30 (Level 30 needs 25,000 experience points). Now, I suggest to the next party presidents to allow this so called "Congress of the Young" for next month so as to give the citizens lower than level 30 (but not lower than level 21, maybe) a shot into our national administration.

This is not a demand, only a proposal assuming good faith (just like in Wikipedia). I understand that it encourages some to level up so as to have a shot into Congress, but not all citizens have to fight up their exp bars so that they can serve as government officials, right? Therefore, a Congress of the Young, if ever, for November 2012.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Proposed by:
Al Raposas
Regiment Captain, Philippine Military Academy
Minister of Education



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