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A Message To Greeks & Croatians

Day 1,683, 00:12 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

I wanted to take this opportunity to speak directly to two groups which I have had a long and warm relationship with, but with whom I believe have drifted away from me and the cause that I have stood for since I first made many friends in both communities as Pizza The Hut. While there are still many Greeks and Croatians both abroad, and in the eUSA who I proudly call friends and allies, I feel that at least in this country, that the bulk have sadly been misled in to the arms of a great deceiver named Henry “Pfeiffer” Arundel, who leads the United States Workers Party, and someone who knows practically nothing about anything outside of the Louisiana Bayou, nor does he really much care to. I am writing this article to remind you who your true friend is.

In regard to the Greeks, you may remember that at a time when it was politically unpopular to do so, I persistently and without hesitation defended you in the media and in the US political realm. The relationship between the United States and Greece is one which I still greatly cherish.

I understand your culture, love your history, and have enjoyed learning about your religious beliefs along with my Orthodox friends from other countries. I am even currently trying to court a girl of full Greek descent. When America embraced INCI with open arms, and laughed and mocked you behind your backs as they terrorized your country and wiped Greece, and tried to PTO Cyprus like they did in real life, and carried out their twisted fantasy of destroying Israel by wiping them in the eWorld, I stood strong for America’s courageous Greek allies. Since the Greek leadership began their new unholy alliance, I have felt sadly betrayed or at least let down by many.

I have seen the MYRMIDONS abandon our cause and join our sworn enemies in the USWP, and now this new and considerable GAMA group, after being insulted and supposedly blacklisted by the USWP, never gave a response to our offer to run in the RLC and come home to those who actually DO care about you, and seemed to have unfortunately chosen to ask Pfeiffer to allow them back in to the USWP sphere of influence. This man and those who support him could not care less about your country, or your people, or what it means to be a Greek. I do care. I have gone out of my way on many occasions to show that I care, and it honestly hurts me to see that there are some who have forgotten that, or do not seem to realize it. Who do you want to be friends with, the abusive spouse who lives in a trailer and eats alligators? Or the person who would be by your side at the gates of Constantinople, taking back what was wrongfully taken from you?

Now let me talk about my past with the Croatians, because an action by a certain Pfeiffer puppet named ElvenCRO has been particularly disturbing lately. It is an absolute falsehood to claim that I am nothing but a dear friend to the Croatian people. In fact, there was once a time when there were dozens of Bosnians, Croatians, & Serbs peacefully co-existing in a party under my leadership. In fact, at this time (Spring, 2011 or so) this represented almost the entirety of all three nationalities in the USA. Firstly, I am tired of the he said, she said, of ethnic hatred. I judge people based on their loyalty to the United States, and their character as human beings. This is all that should count. Sadly, this is an individual who exhibits none and has been manipulating Croatians to support Henry “Pfeiffer” Arundel’s USWP agenda.

For approximately five months spanning from 2010-2011, I was working actively with the Croatian military in Montenegro. Actually, at this time, I was not a very popular person amongst Serbs. It was my merry band of Americans and other random foreigners, joined with a limited number of Croatian military personnel, against a huge portion of the Serbian army beefing up the Montenegrins to keep us from taking over the country. It is incredibly insulting to me that my love and friendship to your people is being questioned when I have proved it. If you can manage to find those who were around in those days and who saw it first hand, they would tell you the same. This was the beginning of my great relationship with your country.
There are certain people like Romper who have bought your affection not with their deeds, but with their money. I am not the wealthy son of an oil magnate that can afford to do this, but I try to back it up with my actions as much as I am able to. It saddened me to hear that there were Croatians actively sniping RLC congressional candidates in the last election.

ElvenCRO and his cronies might try and tell you that I am some evil agent of Serbia, but this is nothing but a LIE. He knows that by telling you this he can get you to “ATO” anti-USWP Congressmen. It didn’t matter to him who they are, and most of the candidates you sniped were not Serbs, just people who happen to be opposing his master, Pfeiffer. Once again, I understand Croatians, it is on my bucket list to visit Plitvice(and I totally am willing to risk getting in trouble by swimming there too!) when Pfeiffer probably couldn’t even point to Croatia on a map before the world map feature was added. Ask yourselves this; by hurting our party, its candidates, and our just and righteous cause for a freer, more pleasant, stronger, and more democratic America, who are you serving? I can tell you that it is not Croatia, and it is not justice. You are being used as pawns in someone else’s game of geo-political chess.

I hope my words have made some impact with those of you who do not know anything about my background with Greece and Croatia. I have always been your friend, I am still your friend, and I always will be your friend. I ask those of you who do not support me or the cause of the RLC to reconsider. What is it you stand for? Who is it you will stand by? I care about all of you, and I want to be your partners, not your master who simply dispatches you to do his bidding. This is what our opponents do. Stand on the right side of history. I know those of your countrymen who are with us now feel that they are. I hope you will soon too.
Your True Friend,
Let’s build a bridge, not a wall…



Stoupakis Nikos
Stoupakis Nikos Day 1,683, 00:24


AlenJax Day 1,683, 00:26

ajay is dat u?? o.O

AlenJax Day 1,683, 00:27


AlenJax Day 1,683, 00:28

freddy mercury said "show must go on"
deja vu?
leave ElvenCRO alone!

Mr Immanuel Kant
Mr Immanuel Kant Day 1,683, 00:29

Welcome back : D

Black Sonia
Black Sonia Day 1,683, 00:29

'' and seemed to have begged Pfeiffer to allow them back in to the USWP sphere of influence''

we never begged anyone!!!


t0urk0fag0s13 Day 1,683, 00:30


konmix Day 1,683, 01:15


Orao007 Day 1,683, 01:57


IMoMIz Day 1,683, 02:16


Akluvychenko Day 1,683, 02:19

I think it's not appropriate to use Reagan's pics here as your campaign media

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,683, 02:25

^ Why?

He is my hero.

Shurhuq Day 1,683, 04:24

Mother of god !!!
You totally have the political spirit and speech !!
But to tell you the truth i dont really care about politics and other players ambitions (exept my friends ones)
I play for my self and for my amusement and politics are not included !!

P.S I like you for supporting you opinion and action every time by a very good speech-article and i will keep reading them.
Have fun !!

koylissss Day 1,683, 05:06


Lahks Day 1,683, 08:39


BlasterXL Day 1,683, 09:14

Good lords will ... why can't u finish the job and perma ban him for good ?

uaporsche Day 1,683, 10:03


Dmitri Rusakov
Dmitri Rusakov Day 1,683, 12:33

Of course a leftist, spineless socialist or anarcho-syndicalist would say to permanently ban one of the most influential conservatives around.
He has been banned because the leftists of America report him for "political extremacy" or something like that.
I for one support Reagan. He is the true hero of America and I think he would be a good president.

DeathTurd Day 1,683, 18:58

reagan is not a hero no president will ever be a hero

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,683, 19:12

^ This one was 😉

and oRly?

That's funny, last time I checked Bush Sr.'s plane was SHOT DOWN.... sounds like a hero to me... he served in WW2.

Talostastic Day 1,683, 23:07

That makes him a survivor and a veteran, not a hero.

Mitserman Day 1,684, 03:04

welcome v+s

ScottMo Day 1,684, 04:08

Do you not have anything better to do? How many times can one get banned and still keep coming back to annoy the bejezus out of people in an online game? Move on already. Go outside. Enjoy the real world.

George Pumpkinette
George Pumpkinette Day 1,684, 08:04

"plane was SHOT DOWN...."

one could argue he was a bad pilot or there are one helluva lot of hero's by your standard, heck just get shotdown and be a hero (actually makes sense coming from many girls have shot you down, hero[Ajay Bruno LOL]?)

Pfeiffer. Day 1,684, 10:13


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,684, 11:13

^ Because you have no legitimate response.

Icetek Day 1,684, 21:12

I just wanted to make a remark on the hero thing. I served 5 years as a army ranger. I payed my duty for America in blood, sweat and emotion. And I will never say I am a hero, but my fellow fallen soldiers are heroes to me. And are you going to say they where bad soldiers? They Wernt fast enough? Because you saying he was a bad pilot in my eyes has the same implication.

roboz Day 1,684, 23:51

^ Well said Icetek.

George Pumpkinette, you are an idiot.

Zvijer69 Day 1,686, 09:34

hey, no-lifer (btw. I suggest this as your next account nickname), I'm a Croatian and no one is controling my decisions...never met/talked with the player you keep mentioning in your troll-obsessive articles and yet, I keep voting for anyone who isnt you, your candidate, or your clone account.
Croatians support allies, not PTO'ers who conspire with ONE players and thats why you will never have support from anyone whith a half of brain that plays this game.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,686, 21:10

^ Speak for yourself.


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