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A Little More Raw [Kimberly McCullouch]

Day 1,877, 20:39 Published in Netherlands Norway by Joshua Morriseau

So this is the first in a series of interviews called A Little More Raw. My first topic of interest of course none other than the newly elected CP of the Netherlands Kimberly McCullouch herself. In this series I don't just want to ask about politics and everything going on but I want to give everyone a chance to actually get to know the real Kim. This series will focus on asking the questions were all wondering politically speaking and as well give us a little insight into the real Kim's life.

1. RL age and occupation.

26 years old and owner of small clothing store

2. Are you similar to your real life self in game or do you portray a character that is different from your real self?

similar to real life

3. What qualities/experience from your real self do you bring to the game?

2x party president democratic netherlands, many times in congress, many times in different government positions, and now president of enetherlands.

5. What is your favourite RL past time?

that will be last christmas. i celebrated it with my own family

6. Who is your RL idol and why?

my mom. see learned me everything. i guess without here advises i would be te person that i am today

7. What is your favourite TV series or film?

gtst (soap in netherland) and ncis. movies i have many, if a movie have a good story line i am encained to watch it completly.

8. What is your ideal friday night like?

chilling with my husband after the kids are to bed and watching tv or if tv is boring playing erepublik with my fellow enetherlands citizens.

9. During your this past CP elections you ran on the main platform that you wouldn't negotiate with Poland and now you inform Congress that you have begun negotiations. That being the main difference between yours and your opponents (myself) programs during the elections would you agree that your not really giving the voters what they voted for?

we are to small to fight ourself free on our own, so talks where necesaary. but these talks we have a hand in. i will not sell the enetherlands cheap to the polish for our regions. and if they decline our offer we can always fight, that gives even our allies oppertunity to mobilize and attack polish regions.

10. How do you plan to curb the widening divide in Congress?

i thnk that there will not be must planning needed. congress members only problem is that they dont listen to each other, things will go much easier if they listen.

11. For a while now there has been a lot of debate about EDEN. Could you please give us your official stance on EDEN? Is it time to leave or should we stay?

i have been two times now on eden meetings. their is a plan now, that i cant discuss because of my oath, but it have increased our chances to be free soon, and it have lifted my spirit to fight for this cause.

12. I think you will agree that lately there has been some upcoming talent in politics. Could you name a few people you think will become household names in Dutch politics?

i think a good name will be Kordak (ss mofa). he is young but have great ideas. people like him i want to ask step forward let yourself heared. we need you, enetherlands need you, and we will give you chances so you can develop further in the game.

13. Is there anyone in the Netherlands that was like a mentor to you that you would say helped guide you along in your first steps and that you look up to?

i think the party iron & wine. when i started i joined them. players like garmr, epix, auggustus, maartenw have a warm place in my heart. the have helped me, gave me chances in politics. after i left the party for democratic netherlands people like elgorro and broersje helped me, and in the last couple of months van spijck is helping me very much to learn more about the international diplomacy. i love all these people they have helped me to become the player that i am now. i hope that in the future i can bring my experience that i have got from these players, over to new players so that the future of enetherlands will be bright.

I hope you all enjoyed and that I was able to give you a little more insight into the life of our President. I hope to make this a continuing series and will actively be looking for more candidates to interview.

And thats how the cookie crumbles.

As always V,S&S.

Joshua Morriseau
GPN President



Yfke van de Zand
Yfke van de Zand Day 1,877, 22:19

nice interview

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,877, 22:25

I read it...still don't understand what bag balm is... haha

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,877, 22:30

She likes to chill with her husband and...? Did it get a bit x-rated?

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,877, 22:33

lmao X Deadpool, that was my mistake it was the end of the page and she ran out of room and put ''and

second pm will consist with the other answers'' I accidentally copied the ''and'' and put it in.

Ivffan Day 1,878, 01:18


james janeway
james janeway Day 1,878, 07:47

nice !
Only bad thing: She likes gtst !

Viglius Day 1,878, 08:02

Good interview, voted!

Kordak Day 1,878, 08:15

Nice article!

Shtula Day 1,878, 10:21

Nice interview!

Master Goku
Master Goku Day 1,879, 05:34

Good Article But missing the Q of how Did she found Erepublik and get intrested to play this game !
still wondering now

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 1,879, 10:28

Good question, Ill keep that in mind for the next one.

Gepard007 Day 1,880, 15:47

Great interview mate!

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