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A Journey Through Shout Boxes #3

Day 1,891, 11:23 Published in Canada Canada by Corrigan Brown

Another article, with new and improved party logos. Brought to you in part by Spongebob Squarepants, and the famous meme that came with him:

And now on to the episode.

Starting out with the largest party in Canada.

Oh Wally, you and your political takeovers. It didn't work. Miles said it better than I ever could: "PTOs are bad guys."[citation needed]

Ummm, no... I find it hard to think of a way that MDPception would actually be a valid concept.
the Dictator of the MDP is the CP... I give up. I honesty don't know.

Yes, the recruitment efforts have been working, the MDP is no longer considered out of date. You guys owe a lot to Rylde, but to all within the MDP I say: Beware, and Congratulations.


Maybe you'd like to consider telling this to the country instead of only to your party...?

Ha. What goes around comes around.


Oh well.

Well Funky, the people in MDP are in MDP for a reason. If domination, regression and oppression are what they want, who are you to tell them that it's wrong? Free country, ain't it a b***ch

And now onto the CPF

The way I see it, If the USA wants to sell on our markets let them. If we ever want to rekindle the remnants of the Bro relation we had with them, a trade embargo is definitely not the way to do it. Just a thought.

Didn't we all.

Yeah, its happened. Just so's you know.

I've actually wanted to tear this apart. you've given me the opportunity.

Fortune, in it's essential nature is luck. Luck is nothing but a spontaneous suspicion dreamed up by those who have been lucky or fortunate. The fallacy defined here indicates the non relation between boldness and fortune. Fortune, though it seems a tendency to favor those who actually go out of line and are daring in their endeavors, that is simply hard work. Boldness can actually be one of the most negative things in the world. For example: if I were to go to a funeral and boldly say: "THIS MAN WAS A SCOUNDREL AND AN A**HOLE." I'd probably be kicked out and lose pretty much all of my friends.
There was no fortune there.

So if your statement was correct, your statement would say: "Good things come to those who work hard, and even then there are exceptions."


New slogan from the CPF. I think i might have robbed you of the opportunity to announce it yourself. No regrets!

To the home town!

Oh Quimbie, you make me laugh every time I see your posts.

Yes, the food is wonderful. CW!

and about damn time too! Go sens! That whole thing about the NHL lockout was a load of sh**t. Millionaires fighting Billionaires.

Lord Nukem is back. Welcome. I'm looking forward to further developments of the Clan on your watch.

Gh0st3rr being a good citizen. Funnily he's the only one who's ever asked if anyone needed help in all of the parties i've visited.

Mark Fuller! Welcome mon ami.

And finally, IPC

So you guys actually make presentations? They must not have heard that hard work goes by unnoticed in most cases.

so lonely.

I don't understand your craze with IRC. it's a chat, most of the people here are on for about 20 minutes a day then they leave until the next day.

Sad to say, not much glory here. Ain't it a b**ch

That's it for today, catch you sometime else. 😃



Oinyo Day 1,891, 11:40

Always entertaining and always enjoyable to see what is going on in the other Parties 🙂


VastlyFrozen Day 1,891, 12:11

Literally it was pretty lonely in there.. even on almost all chats.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,891, 14:03

I like this guy.

Venerable Day 1,891, 14:56

A lesson on the MDP for those not informed but think they are,

The PP is the Dictator of the Party. Rylde isn't a "real" Dictator of CP this time because we don't have majority of congress like we did last time.

So Leo is PP, and then was VP inside the party as well.

Good effort though 😉

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 1,891, 16:26


Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,891, 16:33


Interesting how MDP has the most shouts in this shoutbox journey issue. (;

Venerable Day 1,891, 17:02

Didn't you know the real reason for these articles, Mary? (:

Joshur Day 1,891, 18:01

There's a reason this kind of article is usually written by somebody who is nonpartisan.

Corrigan Brown
Corrigan Brown Day 1,891, 18:28

@Mary Chan
MDP has the most members, not to mention more active members. Therefore it only stands to reason that MDP would have the most shouts.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,891, 19:06

Some nice shouts this issue

Genyng Kislev
Genyng Kislev Day 1,891, 19:14

i see myself! yay!

nice series

crisfire Day 1,891, 22:19

not slanted at all

stpolar Day 1,892, 23:10

^ Like Genyng said.

Venerable Day 1,892, 07:23

So where's Mary's shout offering food and tanks to all members who needed them against Spain?


Derphoof Day 1,892, 08:41

"Fortune favors the bold" is actually an ancient Latin proverb "Audentes fortuna iuvat" found in Virgil's Aeneid

However, the phrase is used by a character right before he gets completely destroyed by the Trojans, led by Aeneas....

Have I mentioned I'm reading The Aeneid?

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,893, 05:23

Audentes fortuna iuvat! my slogan \o/ (and no it's not copied from Rylde i had it before i new who Rylde was 😉 )

Rylde Day 1,893, 06:30

Was party shout was shouted to the country as well. Like the spin though

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,893, 06:34

Last week's was better, had more Quimbie.

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