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A Guide To... The Military Module [And another chance to win 10 Q7s weapons!]

Day 1,792, 01:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

The War Module is what has shaped the history of the eWorld and what has carved out nations to get them to where they are today. It has gone through a few iterations since its implementation during beta, including the forgettable V2 module, and it has ended up almost where it started, minus a few tactical decisions…

So here it be, the Ministry of Public Health & Knowledge Guide To… The Military Module!

There are two types of wars in eRepublik; Resistance Wars and Regular Wars.

Resistance Wars start in a region that has been conquered by a country other than the original. To start a resistance war then you must be located in the region you wish to liberate, you must have 1000 country currency, the region was conquered more than 24 hours ago, there’s not another resistance war being fought in another region of the same country who’ve conquered it and the region isn’t currently under attack. If you’re one of the 10 who contributed to the Resistance war then you’ll receive 5 gold and a Resistance War medal.

Regular Wars are started after declaring war on a nation or by declaring a nation your ‘Natural Enemy’. If a country declares war on a country then they have to pay a certain amount of gold, if a country Natural Enemies another then it doesn’t have to pay anything. When a new war is started, the country who declared war will hold initiative. When a country holds initiative it means that they can decide what region they wish to attack and when, provided they do so within 24 hours after they gained initiative. If they do not attack within the 24 hour window then eRepublik will automatically make the country attack any attackable enemy region at random. Only one battle can be active at a time.

If a battle is in progress in a region it cannot be attacked by another country. However, it can be queued up to be attacked so that if the attacker doesn’t win and the region is successfully defended then the region will be instantly attacked again.

Campaign Mechanics

Each campaign has between 8 and 15 battles depending on how well a side does and is separated into 4 divisions that are completely separated from each other. Division 1 houses players between level 1 and level 24, division 2 houses players between level 25 and level 29, division 3 houses players between level 30 and level 35 and finally division 4 houses players that are level 36+. Each section is important no matter what levels they contain. To win a campaign, and therefore the region, either the attacker or the defender has to reach a total of 83 campaign points. These points are gained when a battle is won. Depending on what division it is that wins, they add a different amount of points to the campaign score. If the defending division 1 wins then the defenders get 1 point, if the attacker’s division 2 wins then the attackers gain 2 points, division 3 gets 3 points and division 4 gets 5. When the goal you have to reach is 83 campaign points, each point becomes important to gain and man management becomes key.

Each battle lasts between one and one and 2 hours and the winner of each division is the first to reach 1800 country points. Every minute a side controls over 50% of the influence bar they gain some points. The later it is in the battle, the more points they gain. Up until the first 30 minutes the dominant side will gain 10 points every minute, from 31 minutes to 60 then 20 points will be gained every minute, from 61 to 90 minutes 30 points will be gained every minute and between 91 and 120 minutes 60 points will be gained, making the later stages of battles is pivotal. In order for a battle to finish, each division needs a side to have gained all 1800 points. If one division finishes before the other 3, it must wait until they’re all over. Once all battles are over, the Battle Hero medal will be handed out to the person who did the most influence in each division with the recipient receiving the amount of gold equivalent to their level plus one (Division 1 gets 2 gold, Division 4 gets 5 gold).

Note: The crowns at the top of the image are no longer applicable, but this image is by far the best there is still! You can see a bigger picture by clicking on it.

There are also two ways to end a war; By a peace treaty which is voted on by the congress members of both nations or by having no more common borders between nations. It should be noted that the President who proposes the peace treaty is able to demand a certain amount of gold, though this isn’t necessary.

Inflicting Damage

The base amount of influence you inflict depends on two things, your rank and your strength.

Your rank increases the more you fight and reflects the total amount of damage you’ve done throughout your military career. Each time you rank up you’ll receive a 5% influence increase for every attack and a free energy bar to use. The only ways to increase your rank is to defeat opponents in battles, however rank can be also be increased through special missions. The total amount of rank you game each time you defeat an enemy is the influence you did divided by 10. For example, for every 100 influence you do, you gain 10 rank points. The Natural Enemy bonus does not affect rank points.

Your strength is the main military skill, the higher your strength the more damage you do. You can increase your strength level by training daily in any of the training facilities. Your basic training grounds earn you five strength points per day, but that number can be increased if you upgrade your Training Centres. For every 250 strength you gain, you get a super soldier medal and 5 gold.

Military Units

Military Units are the in-game way to organise private and national militaries. Depending on the number of people in the military, then the amount of regiments it contains will grow. There are 4 levels to a Military Unit; Members, the basic soldiers who make up the main body of the Unit; the Regiment Captain (each regiment has their own) who can set his regiments Daily Orders, the Second in Command who has the ability to remove Unit members and the Commander who can do all of the above. Military Units can set their own Daily Orders for the Unit members. These orders will link to a battle to fight in. If a member kills 25 opponents then he’ll receive 5 bazooka parts and an energy bar. Daily Orders, as the name implies, are to be completed daily.

Today’s guide also features a chance to win 15 Q7s! All you have to do is vote and comment, that’s all! There of course is a catch. To win, you have to be the last comment before Goku Jones comments. The last person before he comments will win 10 Q7s and the person who commented before that person will get 5 Q7s. Only your first comment will count so judge when you post carefully, you never know when he’s lurking around.

Thanks for reading,

Minister of Public Health & Knowledge


eUK Home Office
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Well written

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Good info thanks

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Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Day 1,792, 08:33

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Thedark ace
Thedark ace Day 1,792, 09:07

Great guide 😃

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Good work, keep up the activity levels.

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Alphabethis Day 1,792, 13:11

these guides are good.

Bigheaded Day 1,792, 13:16

Please ask yourself this,

Who are you aiming this at?
You should be aiming at people under 2 months in, this is simply an information overload. Keep it to the basics as this is way way way way too complex.
As an example, for "inflicting damage" your first sentence is great, influenced by strength and rank, but the rest, do you need all of that? they will learn very quickly that they get gold from strength and EB's from rank ups.

Continued below for more positivity.

Bigheaded Day 1,792, 13:21

Without a doubt it's an excellent guide though for players whom have been out of the game for a long period and returned, and for adding to the info of anyone who knows what's going on but is confused by one or two aspects.
But those people are few and far between.
Simply saying there is too much information and would love to see a simplified version. New players will generally avoid reading great walls of text, which whilst spaced out a bit, it basically is.

Sorry for a bit of a downer 😛

Hugo Lilly
Hugo Lilly Day 1,792, 13:29

You know how kids sometimes hate or resent their absent, negligent parents? I feel like that. Stay away Goku Jones, I hate you!!!

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Awesome Article

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Voted 59, already subscribed.

CHIEF GENERAL Day 1,793, 23:29

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Perry Rhodan
Perry Rhodan Day 1,794, 00:57

Very helpful indeed!

Will this information stay available, like in a wiki or on the eUK forum? Unfortunately, there's no way to search for info in ingame articles.

Betafoxtrot Day 1,794, 15:48

I hope to work out a way to keep it by the end of the month!

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