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A Guide To... Picking an IRC Client and the Forums [And win 10 Q7s weapons!]

Day 1,794, 15:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

How to get yourself an IRC client

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a way of talking to other users over the internet in real-time with other users in different chat rooms called "channels". It runs on most clients and some OS's and also have web-based. Here is a list of the better known IRC clients.

Mibbit is probably the most widely used IRC client in the eUK, and probably the most simple.
Rizon's web IRC isn't as nice to look at as mibbit is, probably not as good as mibbit.

Add Ons
Chatzilla is an addon for Firefox. As it is an add on you are not required to register or pay anything for it.

Stand alone
mIRC is a more common IRC client. It's free, but i will only give you a 90 day trial period before it asks you to register. You do not have to register, but it'll keep reminding you to register everytime you start it up.
XChat is an IRC client for Linux and Windows, that generally contain more features than it's counter-parts. It only has a 30 day free trial before it asks you for a $20 donation (£12.26).
XChat 2 is a user-made IRC based on XChat, but is completely free.

Mac IRC clients
Colloquy is a nice, good IRC client for Mac users.
XChat Aqua is the same as XChat, built for Mac.

The noob-friendly Mibbit

Mibbit and Rizon are simple enough for anyone to use. For mibbit, you'll have to select the server, Rizon, from the IRC dropdown menu. Rizon doesn't require this as the webclient is designed for Rizon and put in your desired nickname (i.e. your eRepublik name). If your nick is already registered, you'll want to click Auth and put in your NickServ password. Finally, choose a channel to join on sign in. If you are unsure of which channels to join, there will be a list of UK channels at the end of this article.

Chatzilla add on for Firefox

When you open up ChatZilla, you type in /server to connect to Rizon. That button on the image above that says Betafoxtrot is what you click to change your nick. Alternatively, you could type in /nick nickname. This and other common IRC commands will be covered further on.

To set ChatZilla to start up Rizon when it opens, follow this path; starting at the ChatZilla dropdown menu: ChatZilla -> Preferences -> Startup and then add irc:// as an Auto-Connect URL.

The grand, old mIRC

mIRC is probably the most popular IRC client, mostly due to its age.

To get started on mIRC, simply go to File -> Options -> Servers, and select Rizon as shown above. Then, after playing around with other options, go to the connect tab, input the data there, and you're there.

Registering your nickname

How To Register your username

First of all, you will need a Nickname, (nick). Your eRep Citizen name is a REALLY good choice here if possible.

Next, Change your nick to your erep username (or close as possible) and the channel to join,

When everything has loaded, at the bottom of the screen you will notice a text box, in here type -

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword youremailadress
(Make sure not to type this in where there is lots of people, or you'll end up with alot of people knowing your password.)

Some email providers are blocked, to ensure success, use a gmail account if possible.

That's it. All you need do now is check your email for a confirmation code from Rizon which you need to type into the input box.

/msg nickserv CONFIRM confirmationCode

(Replace confirmationCode with the code you receive)

When you log in, you will need to identify yourself to the server with your username, (nick), and your password. Type -

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY password

Reset password

If you need to reset your password then type -

/msg nickserv resetpass nickname

You will then get an email with instructions on how to change your password.

Official eUK Channels

#eUK - National Chatroom
#eukfa - Foreign Affairs channel
#MoD - United Kingdom Military channel

Party Channels

#TUP.public - The Unity Party
#UKRP - United Kingdom Reform Party
#UKPP - United Kingdom Progression Party
#ESO - Every Single One
#NewEra - New Era
#PCP - Peoples Communist Party

The Official eUK Forums

There’s not much to say about the forums, they’re the foundation of the eUK. The forums are where all the action happens, every Country President and every Minister ever has been a member of, and used, this eUK forum since 2008. It’s fair to say, if you aspire to become a leading politician then you’d do well to sign up! The forums are where all the decisions are made. If you’re in congress then policies and laws are debated, alliances and wars! If you want to help in a ministry, all the information is stored and achieved there. You’ll also find the main parties in the eUK have their own forum to co-ordinate efforts in recruitment amongst other things. But it’s not just political things; some military units also have sub-forums in here too! If you want to get involved and start your journey to become President then you can get to the forums by clicking right here.

I should say there’s a rival forum that has been set up too. If you decide that it’s more up your street then you can visit this forum by clicking here.

Today’s guide also features a chance to win 15 Q7s! All you have to do is vote and comment, that’s all! There of course is a catch. To win, you have to be the last comment before Goku Jones comments. The last person before he comments will win 10 Q7s and the person who commented before that person will get 5 Q7s. Only your first comment will count so judge when you post carefully, you never know when he’s lurking around.

Thanks for reading,

Minister of Education


eUK Home Office
eUK Home Office Day 1,794, 15:53

C'mon Goku!

Rican Day 1,794, 16:01

thanks again
good info
i will shout it

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,794, 16:07

Vote neighbours 🙂

Dio Aldo
Dio Aldo Day 1,794, 16:16

Thanks to Betafoxtrot i fell in love with irc once again!

DarkoDimovski1 Day 1,794, 16:26


Betafoxtrot Day 1,794, 16:30

@Hugh "Dr Hugh Jardon Day 1,794, 16:06
23m ago

The forums are where all the action happens...*what about in game articles? Surely more action happens there as they are unmoderated* so lead to open and fiery debates at times. Is that a lie Beta or have you phrased that wrong?"

Perhaps you should go there yourself, and do something about your memory.

Betafoxtrot Day 1,794, 16:32

Oh, you deleted your comment. Clearly I am the blatant liar here.

Derphoof Day 1,794, 17:13

Just as a note, if you are worried about passwords, don't type in "msg" after the slash. Just type /nickserv and you'll be just fine. If you do this, it doesn't display your command as a message for everyone to see!

Niemand Day 1,794, 17:29

IRC is fun and improves the community. Be there!

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,794, 17:45

Yay for IRC

Betafoxtrot Day 1,794, 17:50

Thanks for the tip, ElPato!

Bohemond4 Day 1,794, 18:40


A.S.W Day 1,794, 18:54

v 19...

Corrrado Day 1,794, 22:52

dałem vote za poradniki irc ;- )

Dobro powraca
Dobro powraca Day 1,795, 00:53

VOTE! I'm waiting for tanks... : P

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,795, 05:34

A whole 31 posts in that rival forum... a mere 830871 in the main one.

bannera Day 1,795, 08:26

v+s shout

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Day 1,795, 10:07

What criteria was used to determine the order of party channels?

#TUP.public - The Unity Party
#UKRP - United Kingdom Reform Party
#UKPP - United Kingdom Progression Party
#ESO - Every Single One
#NewEra - New Era
#PCP - Peoples Communist Party

Seems like the preferred order of the elitists.

prostokreten Day 1,795, 12:26

v+s shout

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,795, 12:32

Hell yes, we have a winner!

Betafoxtrot Day 1,795, 12:33


Don't worry those who missed out, the game will continue in the next article, this proves it is possible to win!

WayneKerr Day 1,795, 12:39

ESO would out rank UKPP Goku...

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