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A Guide To... Alliances of eRepublik

Day 1,785, 13:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Welcome to article two of Encyclopædia eBritannic! Today’s article is all about the alliances that have featured at some point in the eWorld. Unfortunately, in order to prevent this being too long, I’ve included the alliances I myself believe to be the most important in regards to shaping the course of history. I’m sure there’ll be people who believe some of the omitted alliances are more important than others and your perfectly entitled to your opinion. If this gets enough interest then I may do a part two and include all the alliances I missed. So without further to do, here’s your guide to eRepublik alliances!

Beta Alliances

The Northern Alliance, NA

The Northern Alliance was created on the 15th January 2008 and ran for 6 months until July, after all the member countries had left to become members in other alliances. At it’s peak, it had 6 member countries; USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Romania.

The Mediterranean Alliance, MA

The Mediterranean Alliance was an alliance founded by Spain in response to the alliances being formed all over the eWorld at the time. It was originally intended for countries that bordered the Mediterranean but eventually allowed any country to enter. It too ran until July 2008 when the member countries left for other alliances, as above. This alliance had 8 member countries; Austria, Canada, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal.

The Formidable International Security Treaty, FIST

Fist was the first Asian alliance in the eWorld,though by the end of it’s life it also contained Greece. Though talks of an Asian alliance began in January 2008, FIST would not be formed until the 28th May of the same year. Greece was the only non-Asian country to join and it was not without controversy as Turkey attempted to sabotage their membership by attacking Greece before they could become a fully-fledged member. FIST too had 6 members; Greece, Turkey, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia.

The Pan American Alliance, PANAM

PANAM was founded on the idea of having a single alliance for the North and South American countries to join. Due to a prior war between the USA and Canada, Canada decided not to join PANAM and to remain, at least temporarily in the Northern Alliance. At the time, it was favoured by the USA CP and the Mexican CP, and crumbled soon after both Presidents ended their terms. Despite it being an American alliance, it only contained 5 countries; the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico.

Alliances of Version 1

The Atlantic Treaty of Latin, American, and Nordic Territories for International Security, ATLANTIS

ATLANTIS was formed on the 22nd August 2008 and was founded by former Northern Alliance members (apart from Ireland), two members from PANAM and two from the Mediterranean Alliance. It was one of the biggest Alliances during V1 (the other being PEACE CG), and lasted until 21st May the next year. It was only 6 days old when Romania declares war, causing ATLANTIS and PEACE CG to clash and becoming the largest conflict in the history of eRepublik at the time and for many months after. At it’s largest, it contained 15 member countries; Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA.

The People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community, PEACE CG

PEACE was the largest Alliance of all time, peaking at 31 members. Originally it was founded by all original countries within FIST, as well as some from PANAM and the Mediterranean Alliance. It was formed on the 26th August 2008, 4 days after the formation of ATLANTIS, and two days later was at war. It was dissolved on the 19th November 2009 after major countries within the alliance left at an alarming rate and France formed the small alliance Entente with Italy and Ukraine (which I shall not be talking about in this article, but you can find more about by clicking here). The 31 members who’ve been affiliated with PEACE are; Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, United Netherlands, Uruguay, Venezuela.


Sol was a defensive alliance that contained nations mostly from Asia and around the Pacific. However, following South Africa becoming a member, the doors were open to any nation to join. It was based on the real-life United Nations, whose aim was to bring peace and stability to the eWorld. Pakistan, a founding member, was kicked out of the alliance for allowing Serbia and the alliance Phoenix into Asia. Sol contained 15 members; Australia, Bolivia, China, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand.

Alliances of Version 2


Phoenix was founded on the 4th December 2009 by former members of PEACE. The name Phoenix was chosen as it was seen as a new beginning for the former PEACE alliance. It was formed by nations that had decided to work together to counteract the increased influence of EDEN in the aftermath of PEACE's collapse. In it’s life it only ever increased by two members racketing up the total number of countries within it to 17. These are; Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, UK, Ukraine.

Defunct V3 Alliances

The Order of New EWorld, ONE
known formally as New World Order

The foundations of ONE were laid down after Serbia and Hungary left Phoenix at the end of 2010 to maintain the relations between the countries. It wasn’t until Poland and Spain left EDEN that made it possible to create an official alliance between all four countries and this later became known as ONE. The official date of formation is 31st March 2011, and it wasn’t long after this date that Macedonia and Sweden joined. The alliance dissolved on the 4th August 2012. An agreement was later struck between most former member nations to keep working together in the interim period and was called the "Fellowship". The former countries are; Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK.

Active Alliances

The Erepublik Defence & Economy Network, EDEN

EDEN was founded on the 26th September 2009 by seven nations and is popularly assumed to be the successor to ATLANTIS. FORTIS was one of the other alliances that sprang up following the collapse of ATLANTIS, however FORTIS never flourished as an alliance and it’s members all eventually joined EDEN. Today, only 3 from the founding members of EDEN are still in the alliance - Croatia, Romania and Norway. At the time of writing it contains 17 members; Albania, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine.

The Circle of Trust, CoT

CoT was formed on the 22nd June 2012 after Bulgaria and Chile left their alliances EDEN and Terra. The alliance is made of countries whose goal is to help each other both economically and militarily. It has it’s own military unit named the “Mobile Forces of CoT” and it serves as the fighting force of CoT, with it’s soldiers coming from the national armies of each member country. It currently has 10 members; Bulgaria, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Republic of Moldova, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland.

Came To Rock, Literally, CTRL

CTRL was founded on the 1st October 2012 by it’s four current members who created it after they left their alliances at the time, Terra and ONE. They have a sub-alliance under them made up of pro-CTRL countries named ALT. At the moment ALT only contains two members, Venezuela and Pakistan, but CTRL has declared that an attack on an ALT nation is an attack on CTRL and they’ll fully back them up. CTRL, the main alliance, has four members currently; USA, Poland, Brazil and Spain.

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