A Gilded Policy

Day 625, 22:58 Published in United Kingdom Bulgaria by Jewitt
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7 August, 2009, Day 625 of the New World - The Report is issuing a special investigative report on the recent political and ideological events within the United Kingdom. This article has been written in the format of a play, as the events unfolded in a satirical and dramatic sequence with which Shakespeare himself would applaud.

Prologue: The Rise of Hassan

Not really applicable, but you get the idea.

Out of the ashes rises a man in the United Kingdom, Hassan. He preached neutrality in a time of confusion, he called for friendly alliances across the world, and he called for prosperity. The PCP seemingly labeled him "Dictator" before he even was elected. After being elected, he brought in what he promise😛 Friendship to both PEACE and the remnants of ATLANTIS, neutrality in the still raging European and Asiatic wars, and new trade benefits due to the closure of many conflicts.

Praise, cheers, and glory. It seemed that the United Kingdom had finally weathered the terrible storm that was brewing in North America. The nation rejoices, while he grinned behind closed doors, the people of the stage unknowing but the audience weary of deviance.

Act One: Games?

A cartoon illustrating "Earl," whom the cartoonist may had designed around the character of Glados.

Despite regular war games with long-term allies United States and Canada concerning their partner Ireland, Hassan as President directly accepted a move which was a media sensation around the Worl😛 A training war with the Hungarian people. Allies felt hurt, and former enemies found themselves dining in Scotland by the next day. It was a "training war," and the people of the United Kingdom had mixed results: Cheers and questions both came forth. The United States vocally made their position known by a trade embargo, with Canada and others following en suite.

As the citizens of the United Kingdom watched blindly at their government making questionable actions, the audience saw a surge of PEACE G.C. armies moving across the globe. Indonesian, Hungarian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian, Iranian, and Brazilian soldiers all mobilized. A mobilization not seen since the Battle for West Siberian Region. It was a scary sight for the audience, and many women gasped. On the other side of the stage, the Scottish waved as the Hungarians cheered at a victory in their "training war." It seemed as if there was a party in the United Kingdom, but little did the people know that Hassan had this planned since the beginning.

Act Two: The Climax

Hey, maybe Hassan should had read this?

With Hassan declaring neutrality, France and Russia launched a two-pronged attack on the North American continent: Invading Canada and the United States - former long-term allies of the United Kingdom. Neutrality as foreign policy, Hassan defended his motifs to his people, their faces worn weary of confusion, but accepting of the policy and speeches which would be released as time progressed.

This went no more than few days, until the United Kingdom, "neutral," region swapped with French-occupied Canada to prevent United States and Canadian success. The gilded policy of neutrality had failed and the United Kingdom, under the leadership of Hassan, had chosen its side. Neutrality was still written to gullible readers, but the knowledgeable were aware: The United Kingdom had made its decision. The people of the nation did not see what the audience di😛 Two nations across the pond wondering how their long-time ally could be ignoring them, helping the enemy capture their homes, and directly aiding to their demise.

The walls fell, the states and provinces changed flags. Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, California, Kansas, Texas, among many others. Perished into the oppressive grip that the United Kingdom had for so long tried to prevent from expanding - it was now aiding in that expansion. The training war would end...after two battles. Well worth the gold and "long training."

Act Three: The Opposition

I honestly do not even know what this means. A great speaker can be outweighed by the masses?

The House of Commons would be approached to formally join PEACE G.C., and the decision was addressed. The audience and citizens both knew the two options: Refuse PEACE membership and be taken by the Hungarians or accept PEACE membership and hope that they maintain their sovereignty. The popular vote was in favor of membership. The UKRP failed in creating a coherent opposition movement to Hassan and the PEACE membership, and the United Kingdom seemed to be going down the same cowardly path that many smaller nations were forced into.

During this time the United Kingdom would spend hundreds of GOLD swapping regions to grab the famous English-called iron-rich "Hellokitty" Province of former China. Hassan and others would praise this as PEACE cooperation, although what they fail to tell the United Kingdom citizens is that on the other side of the stage the audience hears Russian, American, Hungarian, and Iranian news editors crying out that Hungary would eventually swap to the region and the United Kingdom was sent there as both a political stunt and a path way for Hungary due to their open war. Within just a few days, Hungary would hold it completely.

Act Four: Omniscience Now

Hassan when asked to comment on how well "neutrality" was doing for the United Kingdom.

The nation cannot deny, Hassan has lied. All along, he had planned for a "PEACE in the UK." To deny it, would to deny logic and reason. To deny factual information, to deny history which cannot be censored.

The question now remains: What shall the United Kingdom do now? The audience leans in, to hear the voice of the citizens as Hassan stands in the front, men in blue and white globes at his side.

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This is one of many new projects that The Report is taking to investigate the current war and the geo-political spectrum of its effects. This is in no way a view of its Chief Editor, Jewitt, or of the United States of America Government. This is an independent publication and has been removed from the Emerick Administration's list of Official News Outlets when published outside of the United States of America.

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-Michael Hunt, Senior Correspondent