A FUNNER way to Alliances

Day 2,445, 13:24 Published in USA USA by Aren Perry

That's right I said funner.

Sooner or later we all get tired of the alliance structure.

Peace? One? Terra? Eden? The Pizza Alliance? Team Fuzzy?

Just plain BLAH.

So, I offer the WORLD a few new options on how we can keep it spicy!

Here goes: Any of these methods need to be repeated say, every 3 months. Also, any nations that want to be excluded from this are required to be erased by all the alliances together, or sworn to neutrality.

Way #1

We choose at total random four "alliance captains" nations. Then, the weakest country of the team captains by damage ranking picks first, then the 2nd weakest picks second... until all nations are on one team. This includes wiped nations.

Oops looks like Sweden is last again....maybe Swedes oughta stop wearing pig tails

Way #2

To increase the glory of being top 4. We do the same thing but the top four nations in territories occupied are the alliance captains and the strongest nation picks first. A nation cannot pick the same nation to be on their team more than twice in a row.

Way #3

To ensure we are shaking it up a bit, every time we pick alliances, we can do either of the above but ensure that you cannot pick any nation that was on your alliance from the time beforehand. 3/4 of the world is still open to you so this should work out well.

Way #4

Could create some really crazy situations, but we just use a council of nations' representatives to ensure fairness-and randomly assign nations to each team. That would result in some total domination-ness on occasion, and also for some pretty interesting fights.


We need to ensure honesty here, so if two alliances start working together due to major previous ties, we need to ensure that all other nations are required to assist in their wiping (hardest thing to ensure, for sure).

The nation picked last gets sympathy articles from all the other nations.

Also, we need a way to slap people across the internet who start whining about unfair match ups. That's part of what can make it fun.

Each alliance needs to create its own special handshake and alliance chant.

The alliance that at the end of the three month period has the most extra conquered territory is the "winner" and gets an article full of hot girls from the other nations not in that alliance. If the girls request we can do one of guys too. Also, three randomly picked nations from that team get ensured full resource bonuses for the next month from the closest source.

Last but not least, if you haven't joined a party or if you are looking for a switch. Go WTP! Grow with people, We the People. No for realz do it.


Aren Perry