A fond farewell to thailand

Day 530, 22:32 Published in Thailand United Kingdom by GLaDOS

well Thailand....this is goodbye.

i am sorry to say that i must leave you, due to things beyond my control.
i have to leave you on the eve of what may be the most ferocious takeover attempt in the world, and i have to go defend the recipient of it.

i am sorry to leave you on the eve of elections, but this is just what i must do to save a nation in peril.

when i think back on the time i spent here, the friends i made, and the political enemies who made me truly think about my actions, i will remember it all fondly.

i leave you with this,, an endorsement. i officialy endorse vincent garibaldi as the next president of thailand.
i think him to be one of few people competent enough to carry this nation through these troubled times.
Vincent has the right amount of every trait that makes a good leader, and i believe that today is his.

and with that, Thailand, i bid you farewell