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A few questions for the erepublik admin

Day 1,863, 20:13 Published in Australia Australia by MoistMaster

It appears i am banned for "multis" but all is not what it seems.

A total of 14 votes were deleted across all the parties during the senate elections, 5 of which were deleted from the ANP and 5 multis were banned.

These are the following multis that were banned.
(i cant seem to search the 5th one, its name was BlooperReel22)

These 5 multis have been used in the attempted HUN PTO of the ANO party for the past 3 months along with about 15 other HUN multis in the ANP.

PTO attempt 1:
PTO attempt 2:
PTO attempt 3:

It appears i have been banned for the sole crime of being Party President of a Party that has PTO multis in it. Despite giving the admins a list every single elections of the HUN multis in the party, they have refused to act and ban them up until now, where they have banned 5 out of 15 and banned me, instead of banning people like Szenti who is the leader of the whole HUN PTO. They have been sent ticket after ticket from about 50 players and they do absolutely nothing despite having clear evidence he is a multier.

So my questions for the erepublik admins.

1. Despite having clear evidence that Szenti is a multing PTOer, why has he not been banned?

2. Why have you banned me for HUN multis, despite me having no connection to them whatsoever

3. Why are you not willing to publicly post or even privately posting to me the evidence you have that these HUN multis are mine?

4. Do you think its sound logic to ban someone for multis just because they are PP of a party with multis in it?

I guess the difference between me and Szenti is that he buys gold, so he has the protected species status.

Elections are the ONLY reason i play this game and now elections are being ruined BY THE ADMINS for not acting on the REAL multiers and the REAL cheaters.

It's no skin off my back, i can keep making new accounts until the cows come home, but i do fear for the players WHO DO BUY GOLD. What if they get falsely banned for HUN multis? All that time and effort gone.


MoistMaster a.k.a DocterDryMOIST.



DocterDry3 Day 1,863, 20:17

I don't even know why i buy gold in this game anymore 😕

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,863, 20:18

He will rise again.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,863, 20:26

Yay he's back ❤

Eyebrows Day 1,863, 20:32

Might want to talk to icetek he has been spamming for the last 3 days you have been perma banned.

infin Day 1,863, 20:32

Admin places account rego ban on discrate1's IP address. I hope you don't have a static IP Dis!

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,863, 20:33

Szenti4CP \^/

venja Day 1,863, 20:51

Pot ... kettle ... black ... much

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,863, 21:18

Tag! You're it!

Icetek Day 1,863, 21:26

"Might want to talk to icetek he has been spamming for the last 3 days you have been perma banned."

3 days? I only posted the article last night. Seems to me we have a compulsive one among us. Go join team Infin, you both seem to go into stupid mode when someone says something against you. Dont shake too hard fellas, wait till you see whats coming next.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,864, 00:21

aww Dis... what is this 4th or 5th time?

BOUD1CCA Day 1,864, 01:13

Obviously the remedy is to buy gold.

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,864, 01:29

Soooooo, now Dis has surpassed me on bans.

I think this is gg.

An Idiot Abroad
An Idiot Abroad Day 1,864, 02:09

Your article says 5 multis, yet you clearly list 4, so was the 5th yourself?
Nice article but for all we know the multis could have been your own.

Icetek Day 1,864, 03:14

I say ban him again!

Binda33 Day 1,864, 04:44

MoistMaster sounds like a new cooking appliance. : P

James Buffet
James Buffet Day 1,864, 06:08

shoulda bought moar gold dude 😛

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,864, 06:34

"MoistMaster sounds like a new cooking appliance. : P"

Hi .... I'm Mr Master .... I'm your appliance .... 😛:P

Binda33 Day 1,864, 06:45

@ Henry - make me a sandwich if you're my new kitchen appliance? : )

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,864, 07:38

/me "paints" Binda a pic instead

Binda33 Day 1,864, 09:31

Do I get to watch you paint it? : P

LanyIsLost Day 1,864, 09:43

oh Binda, that's bad if it's what I'm thinking he uses as his "Brush."

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,864, 10:00

I'll answer the question for you Dis.

The reason you got banned instead of Szenti is because by RGR's own admission Szenti is one of his boys. That means there's been gold buying involved. You don't buy sht from eRep.

That's how they roll. All about the peso.

Yobbo McSweeny
Yobbo McSweeny Day 1,864, 12:30

DD if you don't use multi's why is your "new" account already at level 10 after 1 day?? I smell another multi.


Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,864, 13:24

Why would you want an active aussie banned, you guys are crazy.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,864, 14:41

I don't want him banned - I am sensing unfairness here.
Go out and buy some Gold DD
Make Plato love you

Mr. Crocodile
Mr. Crocodile Day 1,864, 15:37

But you're still here? Why do not you go once and for all? You have been banned permanently for 3 times! And you want at all costs excuses?? But please! Always you accuse those who do not are nice for you to be people unfair. But you should look at yourself! Do not you dare ever attack me Dry! Administrators when ban someone, do it with evidence. They not ban people without proof! You have created the multis from the same computer ... KuAhahaha! Admit it. Otherwise they would not have banned. The gold has nothing to do with you. Leave this country. Rather it is better to you leave the game!

Ps: when will your next ban?

MoistMaster Day 1,864, 19:40

@Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen

second time.

@Louise Brooks

No way im buying any gold when im banned for doing nothing wrong. These admins are idiots.


I am the MoistMaster 3000, i now come with a free oven mitt

@Yobbo McSweeny

If you knew ANYTHING about game mechanics, you would know that i should actually be at level 20 after one day. Unfortunately you were never the brightest cookie, that's why we put you near the bottom for the senate elections.


I will never leave. Why should i leave after being unfairly banned while real multing PTOers such as yourself are allowed to remain?


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,864, 20:42

Thought you were banned for all the tickets submitted about your trollish ways.
I must have submitted at least 100 myself, and I bribe them buy buying $1000s of gold.

Mickskitz Day 1,865, 23:57

I have to agree with you on one thing MM (replacing DD), if they ban you, then surely they should have banned Szenti.


he is right, look at the wiki for levels, and if you calculate it, lvl 20 should be achievable on day 1. The reason I assume he has not made it that high, as you need to fight to get your xp to level up, which MM doesn't do. (not a criticism, just a fact of how you have previously stated you like to play)

Mr. Crocodile
Mr. Crocodile Day 1,865, 03:31

Dry yet you accuse me? KuAhahah! You know only accuse others to clean yourself ... However, the facts speak otherwise. The PTOer are you!

An Idiot Abroad
An Idiot Abroad Day 1,865, 05:40

'I will never leave. Why should i leave after being unfairly banned while real multing PTOers such as yourself are allowed to remain?'
Unfairly banned pull the other one, really don't try and paint yourself as a victim here, Do you really expect us to believe that the admin banned you for other peoples multis.
We all know the admin is biased towards paying players, so if you want to run your multi empire without being banned yourself best get your credit card out.

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,865, 07:03

So much MOISTure up in here.

Mr. Crocodile
Mr. Crocodile Day 1,865, 09:43

He's right Rincewind Waylander. In fact the gold does not prove that you are innocent. On the contrary! Prove that you're definitely guilty! People as Szenti we can not accuse them for sure. But you yes! In addition Szenti certainly is clever. If he have created multies with multiple computers, it's impossible ban him ... You are certainly guilty!

Mickskitz Day 1,865, 16:00

Mr Croc, if he was using multiple computers, szenti's multi's would have never been found! they find them and delete them, leaving the base account which has bought gold before, so as to keep profits in check. I know 100% personally of a specific case where the multi's were banned but as the player buys gold, they did nothing to his account. I am not saying either way that DD is innocent or guilty, but I am far more confident that Szenti is guilty and creates huge numbers of multi's than Docterdry is not actually a RL doctor

Mr. Crocodile
Mr. Crocodile Day 1,865, 16:42

This is secondary. The fact is that Dry is guilty. No doubt about it.

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