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A Few Cautious Statements

Day 1,275, 23:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by Ian E Coleman

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Sixteenth Edition: Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the last weeks I've had a hard time processing events in Ireland. Accusations and harsh words have been exchanged, and many people who I consider friends have been deeply involved. It is my ultimate fear that I should jump to a wrong conclusion, and so in search of the truth, I'd like to share the few things that I think I know for sure.

Many statements have been made, and I know for a fact there is some misinformation being circulated. One important fact that I know, from being a Dail member and from participating on the voting for the Natural Enemy proposal this month, is that the proposal was not intentionally pushed through. That proposal was made by Connell with the intent that we would be able to respond to a possible acceptance of a UK Natural Enemy proposition as soon as possible. We were to hold our votes, and vote it up if the UK vote passed, and down if it failed. Because of poor communication and a lack of judgement from certain members of cabinet at that time, Dail voted the proposal through. This event was not political, it was just a screw up. And that is one of the few facts that I am willing to bank on.

And here is another thing that I'm willing to say I know for sure, the impeachment of Jacques was justified in so far as an impeachment can be.
The president is truly a representative elected by the nation's input. Those who have really examined a Dail election will know that the same cannot be said. Dail members can be elected without receiving any votes in Ireland's case, which makes the Dail a much less legitimate governing body in my view. And this is why as a Dail member, I took the impeachment very seriously. For an impeachment to be justified, it must be clear that the current CP is no longer fit to do a passable job. If a CP goes inactive, that's a good reason to impeach. If a CP becomes destructive either with intent or through inadequacy to fulfil the basic role, that is also a reason to impeach. But there is a very very fine line. Because I was not sure which side of that line Jacques was on at the time, I confess that I voted no to the impeachment proposal. Not because I believe Jacques was doing a good job, but because I didn't consider my power to be a part of that decision legitimate. But in the end, the impeachment was made for the sake of Ireland.

That's really all I have to say, because that is all that I know for sure. I have my opinions, but they are not based on sure fact, and I cannot present them in good conscience. I am a naive, optimistic person who wants to believe the best about people.

One other important aside: Dissent is not only a right, but it is the indication of a truly healthy governed community. Respect is something we earn from each other by showing respect, and if you will not give a fellow Irishmen a loan on some respect, you will lose out on understanding others becoming more enlightened, and understanding the meaning of taking the highroad.

My hope is that Ireland is/can be an open community where free speech and just political representation are not hindered. That's a goal which has been accomplished by few communities in the real world or the electronic.

Ian E Coleman - The Coleman Global

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Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,275, 23:10

tl:dr. short version: Ireland is a bit confusing, no one seems to know the whole truth about anything, and I'm the first to admit that I don't have the answers either.

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 1,275, 23:47

Spot on.

Bhane Day 1,276, 01:34



castaneda Day 1,276, 02:13

: ) Day 1,276, 12:20

Voted 🙂 great article

DerBrad Day 1,276, 14:27

Great article
Gotta love Political Articles where there isnt any mud-slinging or blame-games!

King Connell
King Connell Day 1,276, 15:08

Well Congress is far less democratic that the Presidency, that is for sure. Impeachments are never easy to decide on, although I did propose it.
I think all that anyone can do when voting on such a proposal or any proposal is vote for what they truly think is best for eIreland. As a member of the eIrish community, you can at least speak for yourself and knowing you Ian, you speak for a lot more than just yourself and have grounds to use your own opinion more when making a decision regarding eIreland's fate.

I proposed the impeachment because after many elementary mistakes and several days of lost battles there was no improvement and no change in personnel. eIreland as I saw it was doomed and tbh I still felt eIreland would get wiped with the new president as we had been knocked back so badly.

However, somehow the situation has been salvaged and we're now fighting a fight with good diplomacy and holding our own in the battles. I do feel that my decision was somewhat vindicated in the last few days turn around and although the situation is still far from ideal, at least now there is some hope.

T1nk3r Day 1,277, 00:54

Good article, a honest review.

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