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A Dream

Day 1,928, 04:18 Published in India India by Sibeesh

Hi All,

Here I come with an aim, a trust, a unity, a belief.........First of all let me ask you a question!!!
Who is responsible for what is happening in our eIndia????Who is going to take care of our precious land???Who has that capacity??(I didn’t mean a "Hanuman"(*Hanuman is a Hindu deity, who was an ardent devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends.) to fetch our eIndia in hand)....

Yesterday I had a dream...even though that was just a dream, it makes me to think over it a made me to feel about makes me to feel shy thinking what are all the things I could do for my eIndia????

That was a shiny evening...the streets were somehow calm...and the shadows were vanishing as if they finished their job for the day...
one boy was walking to his seems he is walking quickly...actually he was not walking...almost he was like running....he wanted to reach his home as soon as possible...some amount of fear hides in his eyes...the brown eyes were fluttering..

Suddenly a man stopped him by putting his hand over boys shoulder....Ah!!!!!!Got shocked!!!Boy returned with wink...That man was kind to that boy...he gave the boy a chocolate....he smiled at boy and boy did the same...He asked the boy "Why you are this much hurry boy??"
Boy replied I want to reach my home before the war gets starts!!!I want to see my mom....The man hugged the boy and asked "What is your dream??"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a while the boy replied "I always dreamt about a Calm eIndia..without war...without the sound of bombs...without the smell of blood...I always dream about our eIndian flag shining in our Kashmir..."
Man got shocked...he has got no answer to reply him...he released boy’s hand...boy run away!!!!

He murmured...
To be honest this is ‘My dream’ also. I dream of an India where everyone is secured. There is employment, wealth for all and everyone is satisfied and happy.

I dream of an India, where many children are engaged playing games with no worries, an India, which would be known for great unity, an India where an eIndian can live with all of the happiness, leaving the whole world amazed, great minds of the world guessing as to how the impossible was achieved An eIndia, which is a leader not only in making new discoveries/inventions but also in spirituality, an eIndia where sustainable growth and development go hand in hand. Where no one is afraid of speaking the truth and where there is no corruption.

Women are respected and people from all religions co-exist and where every eIndian is proud of being an Indian. Where people are not afraid of leaving their houses open and there is no crime in the country, everyone is satisfied.

This is our eIndia according to my dream –... this is the eIndia in which I want to live-the eIndia of which I am a proud citizen.This is my eIndia, a land of peace, prosperity and plenty. He sighed wearily.....

Hello mighty eIndians...come let us think for our eIndia, let us make a unity, let us hold our strength together, let us show that to our enemies....let us save our country...Here you can see boy and a man..just think that you are the characters mentioned here...I am not specifically mentioning anyone...the boy and the man lives in you..Just find it out...

Remember the words said by Rabindranath Thakur!
“Where the Head is held high where the mind is without fear into that Heaven of freedom “O Lord” let my country awake”

!!!Jai Hind!!!
Thanks a lot for reading ! Hope you all like it! If so, please vote and shout!



Sibeesh Day 1,928, 04:19

Mates lets shout for our eIndia

ShockWavve Day 1,928, 04:34


Sibeesh Day 1,928, 04:35


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,928, 04:43


Sibeesh Day 1,928, 04:53

Thank you very much

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,928, 04:51

Very nice!

Sibeesh Day 1,928, 04:53

Thanks a lot

Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,928, 07:04

Together we will fulfill our eIndians dream...o7

Sibeesh Day 1,928, 08:41

ya dude we will 🙂

GouthamKrishnan Day 1,928, 09:31


Sibeesh Day 1,928, 20:49


Lonqu Day 1,928, 10:11

Amazing article. o7

Sibeesh Day 1,928, 20:49

Thank you soooooo much

ayush121212 Day 1,928, 10:31


Sibeesh Day 1,928, 20:50


Patanjali Day 1,928, 13:23

My dear friend - I call you so, because of our spiritual resemblance, not because we know each other very well - (bhai, cose all indians are brothers), when ppl will answer with words, more than this 07, the light will be near.

Also, I dream we could use the help of Hanuman too and suspect you being from Karnataka or Kerala, or TN, dreaming so nice about a "kingdom" so perfect. The quotes from Rabindranath coudl say something else.

I dream of an eIndia full of ppl like you. I dream of it for so long, please bring my relieaf.

Sibeesh Day 1,928, 20:52

All god lives in us lol....we have full power as they have..what we have to do all is just fine those power(internal power)

Sivaji1992 Day 1,928, 16:43

o7 salute to eINDIA

Sibeesh Day 1,928, 20:51

jai hind!!!

SONNET007 Day 1,945, 22:16

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