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Day 1,927, 21:13 Published in India USA by Sivaji1992

I was thinking tat we are all united in a ways through chat room here:

But some of them never come there or i mean they don't know about it because of many reasons:

1.Lack of time
2.Not interested
3.Other Countrymen etc....

So where was i? mmmmmm.... Yea i was chatting with xordin today... And i suggested something.... He welcomed any suggestions before i was going tell him the suggestions,,,(Hahahahaha)....

But i know its a true spirit of a President.... I like it...

So i suggested that i am in eUS nowadays as i saw many plans implemented there which i liked very much,,, from which i liked one of them.... I was going to say the othe sentence but He suddenly turned up and said....

There is a problem.... what? He said eIndia's population is very less to implement it...

I said don't worry... This doesn't need a big population but a common MU which can implement it... it needs many people who come forward with their Q6
or Q7 weapons factory..

So here are the conditions :
+ Recruitment will be done with a salary of 1INR.
+ The people working in those companies will get 6 Q6 or Q7 weapons everyday.

Conditions for the Players:
+ For getting the weapons you need to work in the alloted companies..
+ you have to give the amount of raw materials asked by the companies..
+ Players have to put on roll calls said by your respective MU's in the forms set by them.
+ you can sell the weapons too but not in eInian markets.. ( if u r seen selling weapon aids given by the MU , you will be disqualified from the program
+ you have to attack every 3 days at least and kill 50 within those days (18 Q7 weapons * 13.9= 250 kills at average . Even though we need to increase our strength too)
+ Any BH you win should be reported in MU's feeds bar in the right side of the homepage.
+ you should be in Chat at least 1 time in every 3 days.

Conditions for the Companies:
+ The companies will want the working players to have a roll call in forms your MU provides.. So that they can know Players are active.
+ The companies will direct someone to give you the required amount of weapons after checking the players have worked.
+ They will also see that if players have given the required raw materials said by the company.

So this is the Program i said... but by his words he just said.. He too wants to setup a program like this...

I need your valuable votes and suggestions for this program to be started in eINDIA




Sibeesh Day 1,927, 21:29


Sivaji1992 Day 1,927, 21:40


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,927, 22:44


ShockWavve Day 1,928, 23:32

I think I will pass ......

Not interested

Thank you

ShockWavve was here

Sivaji1992 Day 1,928, 23:56

that's not a big problem... but u can reform it more if u have any suggestions... u can say it

Zere Day 1,928, 03:30

Nice...but IRC is not enough! We need to be active also in eIndia national forum!

torres865 Day 1,928, 06:18

National forum huh

Nagaraj Suraj
Nagaraj Suraj Day 1,928, 04:39


HullkZilla Day 1,929, 00:19

Its called a Commune system i think. A good thought... Voted and Sub #9..
Sub mine too... 😛

Stolch Day 1,929, 00:38

There are a few problems with this system:

RAW cannot be donated, it needs to be transfered through the market, better ay is to use currency for the amount of ra needed to build the 7 tanks, but then the hole exercise is negated as 90% of the cost of production of tanks is RAW and not salary. This is the main reason hy comunes are only used nowadays by countries ho have few bonuses and so look to maximize their production and again they usually look for workers locally unless there isn't enough and need to import some.

Second problem is that nowadays it is not as easy to build up RAW production companies by ne players as their cost has gone up a lot and so e have the same problem as above.

In essence unless you're going to set up the comune in another country which has more resources, comunes right no have no purpose just added bureaucracy, as all you save is the salaries and taxes on the tanks.

Basically the only result ill be that the country will cease to have any income and the players themselves will at best get .5 tanks more.

Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Day 1,929, 07:25


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