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A Debate For Your Vote

Day 1,841, 21:14 Published in USA Switzerland by pop George

During my party's primary I got the chance to chat with both candidates and invited them to hold a debate with me as a moderator.

Here is what followed:

The hope are the two candidates talk about their vision for our country and how the game is played (Editors Note; I have corrected and filled out Hanabel LA's responses, if I misrepresent what he said, the comments following will surely point that out)

First off, what are the two candidates take on the attempt to bribe another player to confuse the eUS electorate? Are such measures fair; does it add another level to the game or does it spiral it further into the abyss that has driven so many away already?

Inwegen: Without a doubt it further brings the game *down* a level. Paying players to spread a story about an injured family member or destroyed family home? That's easily a bridge too far. Why would new players want to stick around in a game where their uninvolved families are attacked?

Hanibal LA: Inwegen I'm sure we will all agree that's lame way to bring some votes, but also, you guys started first with those tactics. we are here just for few months, and we all know Pfeiffer used this things long time ago, even when AFA wasn't here. Same is with changing names of parties. I'm against that definitely, but all bad stuff we make, we make that cause of you all. You all don't allow us to play fair and play democratic.

I asked every single unity candidate, in case he won elections, to start new era in eUSA. let's play fair, both sides. it would be better for all of us.

Honestly, is this campaign about Ajay vs. Pfeiffer? The question to the two of you then would be, how can citizens be sure that either of you can be identified separately from the one who would seemingly be pulling the strings (Inwegen is Pfeiffer puppet and Hanibal is Ajay puppet)

Hanibal LA: Hanibal was never Ajay's puppet, and never will be, don't know about Inwegen. Hanibal started something alone here, and just found on same way with Ajay. Ajay is good/great partner, no matter what you think about him. maybe you just have wrong attitude to him from start.

Also, this is not Hanibal vs Pfeiffer campaign. this is old eUSA vs new eUSA. bad one vs good one.

Inwegen: Hanibal is no puppet of Ajay. If anything, Hanibal is the smarter of the two. Ajay believes he has the power, but I believe more of their followers would follow Hanibal into a fire before Ajay.

The problem is, the vision of these 'new eUSAers' is that they are mostly foreigners that only wish to hand over the nation to TWO nations. Ajay and Hanibal have pledged their loyalty to nations like Serbia, Hungary, etc. They do not fight for the USA. They fight for our enemies.

This is not about old versus new. This is about the United States against our enemies from foreign lands.

Hanibal LA: Inwegen..that cause foreigners support us, doesn't mean we will work for them if we win. They decided to support us cause they think they will have some profit from that, but fact is if I win, I only have control over everything. my team and me. Now, the thing is what would i do if i win...I'm sure you believe in me, and you know I just want best for all of us. If I win, I would like to see oyu in my team, not my...our team !!!

I really think you are good guy. thats why i asked you to be my VP in October elections, so, don't spoil opinion I have about you. If you win, I will congratulate to you, and if I see you are trying to make things better here, I'll support you. Same I expect from you...

Inwegen: If you want to work as a team, why not resign from the CP race? I have the backing of USWP, Feds, AMP, WTP, and sixth parties. AFA may be the largest, but I've gained the support of more than just... well AFA. The Fed primary alone had 100 responses. That's only one part of the pie. I believe the AFA primary had, what? 60 some responses? If you want to work for the nation, concede to the team that has the support of it.

Hanibal LA: Unity process is crap. Elitism in best show...anyway, I want to work with you, cause I think you have qualities, not with elitists and guys who supported you. They had their chances, I don't want to give them another one...

Inwegen: I don't like the unity process even though it is arguable that it has been a benefit to me. But, the traditional elections were more fun and more difficult. But, unfortunately, there is a PTO occurring in our nation. It is my goal to continue to improve the unity process *if it is needed*. If we manage to take AFA down, game on.

That being said, as long as Ajay and others continue to use multis to attempt to kill this nation, there will be players that use multis to counteract that. I don't like it, but this nation is too important to let fall to cheaters and those unworthy. Like George has pointed out, those that are racist and bring religious hatred into this game have no place in this game at all. This game is far too centered on the hate in the Balkan nations. It is my goal to make this game FUN. Fun in fake wars with pretend politics. Not to promote the wars that currently kill innocents in the real world.

Hanibal LA: What I want to say whole time is that as long as I have all things in my hands, there is zero chances PTO to happen in eUSA, and I will always have all things in my hands. If I leave, I have trustful players who will take over, and my supporters are informed about those guys and I'm sure they will follow them as they follow me...

Related to parts about RGR. Lets make that clear for the last time. What RGR talks and do is not my stuff. He doing well, really well for AFA and whole community, and as long as he do like that, I'll respect him. I realize its only other side who don't know how to play with him. Why he don't make problems to me? Instead of that I'm here saying he's more then good partner.

His RL stuff is only his problem, but his style of playing this (crap) is ok for me as long as he do well for our community.

A big concern is what an AFA CP would do to our foreign policies; what are the plans for the upcoming month for either of you, if you win? (Cerb wrote an interesting piece concerning how the game is played and how mixing things up could add to the fun;

Hanibal LA: I saw Cerb's article and whats one of primary goals in my campaign is making new friendships. It doesn't matter with who (it does, but just to simplify ). It's better to have countries on our side, not on the enemy's...right?

CoT have good future I think, and if Brazil join CoT too, then why not. There is so many things to do before we do that..but from this point, that is very interesting idea.

Like I said, every country willing to work with us is more then welcome to be our ally. It's stupid when our current reject any country which want to be our ally. I will repeat, its better to have them on our side, then on their.

Of course, there is so many options, questions, strategies, tactics....but we shouldn't reject every possible ally, let's discuss first. I'm open for any option, but advance will aways be on our old and loyal friend's side, like Russia.

How can we be everyones friend and what would the point be in a game based on conflict? More to the point, what would be your aim with the balkin countries?

Hanibal LA: The fact is we can't be friend with everybody..because of this or that, thats not important. But if other country want to be our friend, let's discuss that. Let's analyze what we can get from that.

CTRL was great chance to make some fun in this game, and to push battlefield away from balkans. But problem was members didn't make strong deals at beginning and we had a problem. Next time, we must analyze all facts and take all thing in consideration before we sign anything.

All things most come to an end and I thank both candidates for taking the time for this debate, it happened on short notice. And if you know me, you know what I think of further driving players away from the political aspect of this game, which has happened in significant numbers.



pop George
pop George Day 1,841, 21:15

First to vote?

Candor Day 1,841, 21:26


rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,841, 21:27

and read.

wingfield Day 1,841, 21:28

v + s

Cheese Whizard
Cheese Whizard Day 1,841, 21:30

good debate. I wish there was more of this.

Talostastic Day 1,841, 21:36

Wait, did Hanibal answer one of the questions in the 3rd person?

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 1,841, 21:44

Good friendly politics. No theories to put into the form of game mechanics though. Other than the concept of being friends with a nation.
I predict, Inwegen wins. Next month the vote will be more restricted. #1 issue on my mind is democracy. Who is going to save it?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,841, 21:57


Pura Fruta
Pura Fruta Day 1,841, 22:28

v + s

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,842, 02:48

Good read. First time I've seen something like an actual discussion/debate between the two camps.

Thedillpickl Day 1,842, 20:47

I feel like singing kumbaya.

Cthulhu.. Day 1,881, 20:37


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