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A day to remember

Day 1,391, 04:10 Published in United Kingdom Serbia by Dio Hostilian

Today is a sad day. On this day, ten years ago, allies of self proclaimed world governors attacked the World Trade Center killing almost 3k people.

But those 3k people are just a minor casualty of that attack. Much more people lost all human (or animal) rights due to previously planned US PATRIOT and Homeland security acts. Now people in USA have next to no rights, they can be wiretapped without warrants, arrested without layers, without reasons and without any time limits. While it is not a fact those laws were the reason why 9/11 attacks happened, it is a fact that Osama's family and Bush family were business partners for many decades. Bush's grandfather was also a business partner with certain mr. Adolf some 70 years ago and profited a lot from that partnership. It is also a fact that "пара врти где бургија неће" (Serbian proverb literally meaning "the money drills where the drill won't") and various families do possess all the money of the world (for example those families that own Federal reserve bank) and are not afraid to use it for fun and profit.

All that remains now is moaning those that did or will die/get enslaved because of the 9/11 attacks.

I wish best luck to all the free people of this planet!


PS: Sorry for RL-related article, I usually don't write those...


Jordan L Alford
Jordan L Alford Day 1,391, 04:29


ipipro Day 1,391, 04:49

Comment deleted

ipipro Day 1,391, 04:53

That isn't all. The funny thing is their false, so called media.

BBC, UK television, French televisions etc. They lie 24/7 people around the world, just as they did to Serbia, when they bombed us. I WILL NEVER FORGOT to USA what they did to my beautiful country.

Instead of fireworks in the sky and smiles on people's faces, I watched bombs, fear, demolition and death.

That's why I'm proud of being a Serb, you made me mature when I was 8 years old.

Thank you for all those bombs, 11th september is just a piece of that bombing.

stEndEc Day 1,391, 05:03

zašto o ovome u igrici???

Krindendo Day 1,391, 05:06

У атару мог села су пала два пројектила. Претпоставља се да је пилот само желео да их се отараси. Рупе од пројектила су биле дубоке око десет метара и послужиле су за одлагање отпада. Мој комшија је узео један велики гелер и направио раоник за плуг.

rems2a Day 1,391, 05:08


xxDISTURBEDxx Day 1,391, 05:43

Bas sam citao ranije da je jos neka ekipa uzela delove od nato bombe i htela da napravi nesto. Eksplodiralo je u pobilo valjda dvoje troje.

xxDISTURBEDxx Day 1,391, 05:44

A sem toga ko zna sta ima u tom parcetu metala, mozda je radioaktivno. Stvarno ljudi ko da zive u kamenom dobu pa su happy kad nadju parce gvozdja.

Krindendo Day 1,391, 06:09

Сви смо сакупљали те гелере. Вероватно да има везе са наслеђем прачовека, фетиш скалпа или шта већ. Мада, са друге стране су нам сувенири били и они пропагандни леци што су падали са неба.

Dio Crweni
Dio Crweni Day 1,391, 06:20



Atomska Mravica
Atomska Mravica Day 1,391, 07:30

1. Dan pre explozije uklonjeno je obezbenjenje iz zgrade i psi koji pronalaze exploziv.
2. Kao gradjevinac znam da je nemoguce srusiti 200000 tona betona udarom jednog aviona u sprat.
3. Ovi sto kazu da su kule pale zbog pozara nakon udara aviona nisu u pravu, jer kula nebi mogla da se srusi za 15 min. i da se celik istopio kula bi se izvila u stanu i srusila, ovako je padala pod pravim uglom.
4. Pogledajte lepo snimke i videcete 4-5 explozije niz spratove.
5. Tu su i stotine svedoka koji tvrde da je bilo vise explozija.
6. Nakon toga, prilaz rusevinama je bio zabranjen i svi dokazi su unisteni u roku od nekoliko dana.

Amerika bez rata = bankrot

ServerMan Day 1,391, 07:30

ipipro +1

Chris Kettle
Chris Kettle Day 1,391, 07:43

Don't tell me? It was the Illuminati right?
RIP all those who perrished.

Nessko Day 1,391, 08:47


Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,391, 09:37

this is also quite interesting

The Other One
The Other One Day 1,391, 12:07

Sloba Milosevic strick's back xD

Matt Scazza
Matt Scazza Day 1,392, 13:37

Conspiracy theory crap.

Arthur Wellesley
Arthur Wellesley Day 1,392, 14:00

Reported for being insulting.

stealth_pirate Day 1,392, 14:54

I hate being arrested without layers! I mean c'mon I need to stay warm and look classy when I'm being detained!

Bucephalus92 Day 1,392, 16:47

Ya its not like the Serbians were butchering innocent civilians or anything!...oh hai wait...

Sto Eura
Sto Eura Day 1,407, 18:58

Bucephalus I`m sure you know everything about that 🙂

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