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A Christmas song

Day 1,848, 07:20 Published in USA USA by Sgt. Flatt

Hello Erepublik.
Today I am am sharing with you my favorite Christmas song, which goes like this!

When the cold weather is sucking, and your girl isn't fu**Ing just remember the things that make Christmas the best day of all!
Like sitting on a warm toilet seat!
Or eating pancakes which can't be beat!
Or wrapping paper that ohh so neat!
Its the small things!
Like taking a shit that lasts 30 minutes!
Or finding out you just got Superbowl tickets!
And maybe that your dog didn't crap on your rug.... Is he a pug? No. Ok.
It the little things in life that make the world great, if you have a small penis than it might be to late!
Its the things in life that we take for granted!
Like waking up in the morning oh so late!
Or not having diarrhea which is always great!
or perhaps last night you participated in sin!
Mabye its because you can stay in!
Just light up a cigar there is no way you can't win!
"Just remember friends no matter what happens mind your own business"
It could be that you didn't get a bunch of clothes!
Or that you didn't get STDs from those hoes!
or could it maybe be, yes it is! That's its Christmas day! Go fu** yourselves!



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