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A Call To Arms, Remembering Who We Are

Day 1,768, 11:08 Published in USA USA by Bia Pandora
Some reading music: Defender *Crank it up!*

"When You Are Old Enough
To Read These Words
Their Meaning Will Unfold
These Words Are All That’s Left
Though We’ve Never Met My Only Son
I Hope You Know
That I Would Have Been There
To Watch You Grow
But My Call Was Heard
And I Did Go
Now your Mission Lies Ahead Of You
As It Did Mine So Long Ago
To Help The Helpless Ones
Who All Look Up To You
And To Defend Them To The End


Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent"
~ Manowar

Those of you that know me know that I'm blatantly honest and passionate about the people around me and the ideals that I care about. Those that are not fond of me will try to use this as a reason to discount what I say. I call their reasoning the very least. I am flattered that people see me this way, it is what I aspire to in my real life and in the games I commit to playing. Honesty and passion are characteristics that I strive for.

Because whether you love me or hate me, you know that I am blatant and passionate, hear me now, friends, allies and citizens. I would never lie to any of you. I need your help.

I remember the times where if you paid for votes you were looked down upon like the scummy gum that gets stuck on the bottoms of shoes. You were ostracized and excluded. I remember looking up to our leaders. Even if they were not in the same group, we were at least able to hold some basic trust for them, and despite our differences the eCountry banded together when it was time to fight.

It was glorious. I think I stick around hoping to see those days come around again, like a retro fashion. Those were fun times for me and I felt that I fit in.

Our country looked like this:

Today, things like paying for votes for political seats is normal. Lying to your "friends" and deceiving people are day to day operations here. Those that aspire to play with honestly and integrity and kicked like dogs until they either get tired of it and move on to another game, or they become voices in the darkness to be poked at and made fun of. Our leaders are making decisions that will affect all of our games based on "lolz".

Today...eAmerica looks like this:

And the clowns are running the show.

Let's face it, clowns are funny. Maybe we needed this break for awhile to allow the clowns to have their fun. It won't last forever and for now we can log in, accept our crappy bonuses and, at the very least, laugh like hell wondering what comedy the clowns are going to come up with next. We all serve a purpose and we all should. I thank them for making me laugh daily, sometimes I need that.

I know what many of you are simply CANNOT get any worse than this. This is all that is left. Screw it, let's just pull up our lawn chairs and watch the eApocolypse, we are cooked.


But play time is over, eAmerica. It is time to remember honor and integrity. It is time to put aside our petty differences and bond together once more. It's time to feel pride in our unity and simple American kick-ass, can do spirit.

For there is an evil on the horizon far more hideous than any clown could ever be....

She is a terrible beast. They call her the AFA party. And she is hiding under our beds and in our closets like the ugly creature that she is...

We've reduced her to a thing that goes bump in the night, only to be seen in our worst sugar-induced nightmares. But she has had helpers...little fat ugly imps who have eaten all of our Pizza and tried to wear the skin of our idols from South Park to the White House. Nasty, creepy little beasts that stalk our women and try to eat our babies by trying to convince them their service will be patriotic while they plot to take over the country using the only friends that they have, the ugly Witch and her friends.

I know that you are all tired of jumping through hoops of fire for our clown overlords...I feel your pain, eAmerica, I am right next to you with singed hair.

But rings of fire are far greater than being eaten piece by piece by ugly little flying monkeys and AFA witches. We can put out the fires, we cannot come back after we are eaten and pooped out of some monkeys intestines 5,000 feet over the ocean!

It's time to put this ugly biatch and her flying monkey pets down. It's time to remember who we are, put aside our differences and beat some seriously monkey butt.

Read our instructions here in the PotUS's update.

Join the We The People Party or the iNCi party for a couple of days, then you can return to your party. Get the AFA out of the Top 5.

Time to do our part, eAmerica. Remember who we are, and who we want to be again! Let's save ourselves, together!



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,768, 11:08


Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Day 1,768, 11:11

Voted. 🙂

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,768, 11:11

NO comments never lies and insults !!
Report for racism !!!

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,768, 12:04

Oh look, my FP deleted article is back. I guess there was no racism afterall. Perhaps you should wait 10 seconds after an article is up before you report it eh Sidarta? There was no racism here, and there was never intended to be any. If this is how AFA is going to run the country you just proved why there is a problem that needs to be fought.

morningblur Day 1,768, 12:32

Awesome article. You should write more. Very good way of describing the situation.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,768, 12:51


Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,768, 12:53

New article on next page this one was deleted for racism wrongly and then subsequently put back up so I left it.

Candor Day 1,768, 14:06

Voted 'em both.

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