Rules of the Game: A Manual for Congress [v2.0]

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A Congress Manual ©
V2.0 (Oct '09)
Disclaimer: This is my opinion only, and not that of any party, group or nation. This is a universal statement, and not keeping any specific context in mind. Will be updated based on your feedback.

Quick Read Section:
~ <a href="#congress">10 Guidelines for Congress Elections</a>
<a href="#rule 1">Rule 1. I Exist</a> - Make yourself heard
<a href="#rule 2">Rule 2: Two Ears to One Mouth</a> - Learn, learn and learn some more
<a href="#rule 3">Rule 3: Initiate Conversation</a> - Talk, talk and talk some more
<a href="#rule 4">Rule 4: Join us! We’re the best!</a> - Be wise in your decision to join a party
<a href="#rule 5">Rule 5: Be a Hard-worker</a> - Be substantial in your efforts
<a href="#rule 6">Rule 6: The Dreaded Manifesto</a> - You, on pen and paper
<a href="#rule 7">Rule 7: Spam me, & I’ll send tanks after you!</a> - Need I say more?
<a href="#rule 8">Rule 8: Be Real, Be Respectful, Be Reasonably Good</a> - Likewise
<a href="#rule 9">Rule 9: Liar Liar, Rep’s On Fire</a> - Winning Elections is only the beginning
<a href="#rule 10">Rule 10: Vote</a> - Be clever while voting
Read <a href="#more">more</a> below.

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<a id="more">E</a>very month, from the 16th to the 25th, we have this festival of flashy manifestos and party tacticians working overtime, to secure the flow of power & responsibility of every eNation. Sometimes it is with the best of intents and many a times, much like RL(real life) politics with craving for personal achievements under the garb of empty promises. Many a new player is led to believe that now that Plato has given the green signal, they can place their candidature for congress, gain votes, and become part of this 'hallowed' class of players, who determine the future of our nations.

Well, sorry to break it to you guys, its not as easy as it looks. Here, I place some basic ground-rules, ones that will gauge the reality of your chances, the efforts you need to take, and in what direction, and some idealism thrown in on the stuff-that-congress-is-made-of. I hope it helps you, the new citizens, and respected ‘elders’, to frame your campaign now, and in the future. I hope it also provides a guide for our voters to determine who deserves your votes.

<a id="congress">All the very best to all congress candidates & our voters:</a>

<a id="rule 1">Rule 1: I exist</a>
Join your nation’s FORUM (eIndia Forum). Be active on it. Contribute. Let others know you exist. eRepublik is a community game, a ‘social strategy’, and guess where the community/society is; Correct!; its’ at your National Forums. Give 15 minutes to the forum, and your 15 minutes in-game will be that much more fruitful & exciting.

<a id="rule 2">Rule 2: Two Ears to One Mouth</a>
Every nation/community has its own rhythm, way of functioning. While that way may not always be the perfect way, unless we know the system, we cannot change it. And if the system works better than our own ideas, we’ll be ignored at best. So know the system. Listen well & listen hard. Listen twice more than you speak (but do speak!), at least in the initial days of your stay in that nation. This goes for all Citizens, who are running for the first time or old-timers who have recently moved to a new nation (maybe less time for them to understand the rhythm, but still give some time to listen first, before you start running for Congress)

<a id="rule 3">Rule 3: Initiate Conversation</a>
The more experienced players have not reached where they are just by working & training alone. A lot of tactics and wisdom have gone into gaining the trust and respect they enjoy now, as well as having the many in-game accomplishments. While we do not necessarily have to move on instruction only, learning is vital in any field of endeavor. So talk, and talk some more. Use every channel, the IRC, instant messengers, private messages, in-game, and forum. Find those guys who can guide you best & pester them till they teach you all they know!

<a id="rule 4">Rule 4: Join us! We’re the best!</a>
Plato says, Join a party. Don’t! Well not until you are on the forums, know what’s happening, and are convinced of the party’s philosophy and its policies. Most often you’ll find they don’t match, or there’s little dividing the policies of different parties, in spite of differing ideologies. You can and should talk to Party Presidents. But let the Forums help you make up your mind, as only there will you be able to get unbiased feedback. Ideally the party should also have a Wiki to its name, so read it. Who you join is whose policies you relate to the most.

If you do not like either of what they say, do not rush into forming your own party. Work within the structure for a bit, before formulating your own.

The party also has its share of voters, and they are usually concentrated in certain regions, and consulting with your party determines you get to run in the ideal regions.

<a id="rule 5">Rule 5: Be a Hard-worker</a>
I don't mean the medal. This pretty much sums up the last few 'rules' ~ read, talk, and write, as much as real life commitments allow you to, and then a bit more. eRepublik is a game, and its fun, but its not casual. Its’ unlike any other game, simply because real people’s personalities and opinions is the most key factor that drives the game. Unless you do the shizzle, you won’t get the dizzle. Put in the effort, Write A Manifesto. If you aren’t Mr. Popular, there’s no way we know who you are, and so why we should vote for you? It doesn’t take long. But this is a most vital aspect; hence I’ll devote a whole separate rule for it.

<a id="rule 6">Rule 6: The Dreaded Manifesto</a>
It is but a few months of eRepublik for me, but I am already dreading the manifesto brigade. A majority of all manifesto’s either say too much or too little. They are either promising real estate on Mars, or those that counter it with some vague concept of ‘I will not promise much, but I am good’. If you are good, either prove it with your work in-game or in-forum, or state in what sense you are so, and why people will trust you.
Be practical. Be real. Be clear. (Rules 1-4, if followed will ensure that you are so)
Also if you ARE in a party, talk to your Party President & active members. They can help you formulate your ideas and give it shape, keeping the general party policy in mind; makes it concrete; makes it credible. Most importantly, be Honest.

Note: This is NOT a guide on How to Write A Good Manifesto, for I am no judge on that. I'll be glad to help though, so send me a PM.

<a id="rule 7">Rule 7: Spam me, & I’ll send tanks after you!</a>
I learnt it thankfully just as I started doing so, and needless to say, I stopped. Spam is never good. This is a more indirect rule, nonetheless a rule. Letting people know you exist is important, and Media is as good a medium as any. Its one of the best ways to get your manifesto around, but, and there is always a ‘but’, Do Not Spam. Don’t send links to your paper/your manifesto via PM to Tom, Dick and Harry, as most likely Tom and Dick won’t like you for filling up their mail-boxes. There are other ways to advertise, but I leave that for you to find out.

Oh, and don't waste gold on Advertisements.

<a id="rule 8">Rule 8: Be Real, Be Respectful, Be Reasonably Good</a>
Congress is more than an achievement. It’s a responsibility, and it’s a step towards the greater glory/duty of President of your country. While having ambitions are good, intentions alone don’t build a country. Be clear what you yourself want to achieve, be true to yourself, even if you follow all above rules, don't lose your individuality, be respectful of others sensitivities, be the kind of person who people would trust & like to elect.
Respect others and they will respect you in return.

<a id="rule 9">Rule 9: Liar Liar, Rep’s On Fire</a>
A good portion of eRepublik players are not just gamers, but those who wish to make a difference, even if on a virtual platform. Corruption however is inherent in us. How many times have we seen elected members of congress, making a run for it after getting elected, for personal goals, be it gold, medals, achievements, etc. How many Congressmen we have seen who become silent spectators as soon as they have been elected, and put up irrational and outrageous proposals at the end of term, just to gain Experience Points. Refer Rule 8! If you have been elected, Live Up To It! Be active, be involved, discuss each proposal in-forum before putting it up, use your proposals – if you don’t know how or what to propose, ask your country’s leaders. Do not be a Liar. One term, and that’s all you’ll get, if at all you do get that. Lie, and there goes your Reputation (Rep) up in flames. Be Real, and great accomplishments await you!

<a id="rule 10">Rule 10: Vote</a>
Need I say anymore on this? Ok, I do. Vote, but in certain cases, when you are trying to get specific candidates of your party into office, don’t vote just yet, till your leaders tell you to. It may seem ‘set-up’, but it IS a game, and sometimes you have to play it clever. Then again, it’s up to you and your choices. Whatever you do, whether you get selected to run, or don’t, get votes or not, whether you win or lose, always & I mean ALWAYS remember, you are not only gaining a medal, and 5 gold, but you are gaining responsibility. Even in the virtual world of eRepublik, that is something not to be taken lightly.

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This is less of a rule-book, than my thoughts (maybe even idealism) at what Congress should stand for, and the result of my extensive experience in gaming as well as participation in political forums. What you do is eventually and most definitely your choice.

So, may your wisdom guide you to great accomplishments, for you and your country! Thank you for the time and patience.

To quote a good friend of mine, whom I meet everyday:
I have nothing more to say at the moment. 😉

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