Yeah, there will be a military - An Emerick for President Publication

Day 591, 14:45 Published in USA USA by Emerick
Important note:
There was an error of some sort yesterday(bug, hack, I don't know atm), but because of it, I lost 5 of my 7 endorsements. I was endorsed by CvP, Feds, and other parties before the crisis.

Recently, some of my detractors have implied that a president Emerick will lead to a weaker or ignored military.

"QFT Emerick is the worst choice possible. He is going to work on the wiki while the rest of the world advances and dominate the globe." - Perrin(source(comment #29))

While it's true that my platform, as I've written it, isn't military-heavy, let me make one thing crystal clear: if I'm elected, the military will receive increased funding, and we will continue to find quality operations to embark on.

Of course I'm going to put a lot into the military - currently, we have a 600 gold per week surplus in our budget. It's simply the reasonable thing to do. The fact that I haven't put a lot of focus on it in my campaign is, admittedly, a flaw in my campaign, but not a flaw in my policy. While I pointed out the differences between Harrison's and my campaigns(I'll be putting some extra effort into domestic policy), I failed to point out the similarities, which are plentiful.

To whit:
*increased military funding
*acknowledging the benefits of war
*preferring neutrality, but recognizing that it may be a lost cause(congress is currently voting on our entrance into Fortis)
*love of free trade

So military, you won't be lonely