day 99 ... and counting [minor update]

Day 584, 09:48 Published in USA USA by scrabman

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Today is my 99th day as President of the eUSA. I've seen a lot of things come and go and unfortunately Croatia was one of those yesterday. PEACE threw everything they had at PTOing the Croats and Croatia lost the battle. Meanwhile, the eUSA was supporting Greece which we paid a high price in gold recently helping to liberate their Central Greece territory and its high iron. By the time that the writing on the wall was clear there was nothing to be done to help Croatia.

The truth? Until the Admins implement some sort of anti-PTO module (which they may never do) we will continue to see such things happen. If PEACE focuses all of its effort on taking a country there is nothing that the rest of us can do. Americans are too busy focusing on their small party politics to think about the larger world and funnymen like Nick Everdale like to play Monday morning quarterback and suggest that if my party, the USWP, had just given up all of its races the world would be safe. Far from it.

PTOs (political take overs) are a problem with this game. Until they are addressed we are all at risk. As I said in my much ballyhooed role play vs. game play (the game within a game) article from a few weeks ago ... until the USA pulls its head out of the sand and realizes there is a larger game going on we are stuck as a giant who hasn't realized its full power. But then again, I'm from the party that everyone says is going to take over the world as part of a socialist regime (if you listen to the hype of the small-party small-thinkers).

I hope to see an article up soon that will talk about the accomplishments of my 100 days in office. Many ask what I've done and foolishly try to say that I haven't done anything because I've delegated so much responsibility. To the contrary, unlike previous Presidents I've put people into place who both know what they are doing and I've given them the chance to succeed. This term I've tried to step back and let them shine since they will have to convince the next President of their worth to keep their jobs. People like SirEkim, Eugene Harlot, Inwegen, tdwester, hokiehigh, One Eye, mjdiv, Tiacha, Bastion, and especially Harrison Richardson have been crucial to the success of this nation and this administration. There are others ... many others ... and a shout out to ProggyPop 😉. I want their stories to be told before I leave office as they are all great workers and great builders and I've been proud to have them at my side, behind me, and leading their charges when I've been busy on other things.

Don't buy into the hype. This game can be great, but you have to make it great by being involved. So many people come here to trash my articles or even to praise my articles who I don't see doing anything useful for this game or for the betterment of the world. It's so easy to chime in but so much more difficult to actually do something about it. That is what makes the USWP so different from so many other parties. They are truly a group of people who care about the game and want to see it succeed while so many others just want to take potshots and be smug. I am pleased to see that they have finally won a majority of the US Congress. They have worked hard and very much deserve it.

Finally, I hope that Harrison Richardson runs a hard race for President on July 5th. He has worked his tail off on building this new alliance that has not been coming together due to a few of our more historic allies dragging their feet while flirting with joining PEACE. Harrison has worked tirelessly this term and last on the deals that have to be brokered and that new alliance just isn't coming together. However, we have some contingency plans and I will look forward to seeing Harrison talk about these as we finalize the details. Whatever comes out of the State Department will be due to his hard hard work on these matters and I thank him for that service. I hope that the rest of you will thank him by giving him the big chair on July 5th because he is the one person who I would trust with taking this nation forward into the ever turbulent waters of international treachery while the eUSA sleeps in it's giant collective bed and focuses who who has the best Party Platform like it penguin bowling matters.