Open Letter to Jacob van den Guldenweege

Day 578, 05:22 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Deviltje


As it seems that you like to flame about me and others without coming with proof, I write this to you and I hope that other people now see that you don’t always tell the truth.
My first comments are on your article which is full of flaws and at the end I will post my personal thoughts about you.

My greatest succes is the invention and the realiasation of the Training compagny's

No it wasn’t, it was a new start of the training companies. As kixtart pointed out to you.

I made the State Compagny's from a inefficient mess to both well-paying and Low-Selling.
This kind of actions did irritate some people who loved rules and regulation more, than end results.
When I overdid it by pm-ing workers with interesting news of free stuff they could win,
I was relieved of duty as state manager.

I think it’s time that the real reasons are published why you lost your job at the state companies. For example you paid the workers in the state companies 6.3 * skill if they had 90+ wellness. You didn’t even start a discussion with the other state managers; you just made the changes to the wages.

Just wondering why you didn’t do this in your private companies. Maybe because it costs too much??

With pain in my heart I have seen both the incompetence and the low wages return in state compagny.
Incompetence paid for by YOUR tax money. I hope that one day I can become manager once again

The state companies (including the training companies) now have approximately 200 workers; if we pay them like you once did we won’t have a profit anymore. We just will loose big money. And I don’t think the taxpayers would like to see that the state companies are throwing away money.

Now we follow the wages which are paid by the private companies, so we don’t take the best workers of the job market. I think the private companies should have the best workers, not the state companies.
Although we make an exception for Dutch Hospitals. Dutch Hospitals provides the the United Netherlands with a lot of gold. This gold is used (as example) for the alliances with other countries and the war games.

All mayor Political party's but DTS, merged or changed name

I&W didn’t change their name, but you probably don’t see I&W as a mayor political party. Just for you to know, DTS is a smaller political party than I&W.

Jacob, a week ago you posted an article.
Unfortunately only congress members can read it.
In the post you made you said the ministry of Raw materials was inadequate, overworked and slow. I asked you on IRC to explain the accusations you made, but as you told me the accusations you made were your personal thoughts. You couldn’t even come up with proof about the accusations. You never used the Ministry of Raws to get raw materials, so as said on IRC your accusations are false.

A couple of months ago you posted an article about companies which according to you would pay a wage below normal. In this article (which you unfortunately deleted) you called the company owners absolutely not reliable.

You sanded a message to all the personnel working for those companies. This was including the personnel of my company which are paid 5.5 *skill. I asked you then to make excuses to my personnel for making the accusations that I paid below normal wages which wasn’t so. But you refused, because you always think that your thoughts are right, other opinions are false.

Jacob, I hope that in the future we can work together on a better UN. But as you keep telling lies I think it’s for the UN the best if they keep you far away from government jobs (including the state companies)


this article is my personal view