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83% GDF

Day 1,961, 06:18 Published in Serbia Serbia by Predsjednik Republike SrBske



eDLD Day 1,961, 06:21


Covasna Pamant Romanesc
Covasna Pamant Romanesc Day 1,961, 06:24


Taurunum5 Day 1,961, 06:24

Raspisa se ti zadnjih par dana hehehe ^^

Brother Hood
Brother Hood Day 1,961, 06:27


Tajsmo Uge
Tajsmo Uge Day 1,961, 06:39

Bravo! o7

LeRoiv77 Day 1,961, 06:42

Heil Vladislav!
Heil Exploit!
Heil me

Brdar Dragan
Brdar Dragan Day 1,961, 07:22

Ekipa koja menja erepublik istoriju.

kaplarMomciloGavric Day 1,961, 07:41

iskreno ljudi dajda malo menjamo, ajd da pravimo tu pravoslavnu uniju da vidimo kako bi to funkcionisalo u virtuelnom zivotu

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,961, 08:17

Can someone get rid of this troll? He is making things worse than they currently are. Serbs should not endanger their friendship with Hungarians in this game no matter what. They have been beside you in good and bad.

You demanding an alliance with Romania may trigger a chain of events you may eventually regret. Think before you talk, or even better, do not talk as you only speak gibberish most of the times. Foolish troll driven by nationalistic friendships.

Hostilian Day 1,961, 08:49

what's so wrong with remixing cards once in a while? the game has no meaning anyway...

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,961, 09:07

If your only argument is that this game has no meaning anymore, then one can say everything is allowed, even the utmost despised things.

Hostilian Day 1,961, 09:15

Scamming is allowed by the rules, but cannot possibly be considered a nice thing. I was just refering to the alliances and this ridiculous war module that has no strategy ever since the end of v1. The boycots failed thanks to some, and now no wars have any sense. I don't see why would it be important which side wins in which war and which sides are allies against whom.

Ice Killa
Ice Killa Day 1,961, 09:16

" I don't see why would it be important which side wins in which war and which sides are allies against whom. "
Talk to me when Serbia starts losing wars.

Predsjednik Republike SrBske
Predsjednik Republike SrBske Day 1,961, 11:38

Sad bas gledam Ice, mnogo bre vi imate regija

DoDrew Day 1,961, 08:17


Hail Serbia !
Hail Romania !

MacakMiki Day 1,961, 08:23

Taj orao na avataru nije mi bas privlacan.....

Aradstorm Reloaded
Aradstorm Reloaded Day 1,961, 10:03

Hail Romania !
Hail Serbia !
Hail GDF & Osveta83

Rastko1991 Day 1,961, 10:45

Anticomunistul Day 1,961, 11:24

Hail GDF & Osveta83

Mihai ML
Mihai ML Day 1,961, 11:24


BadeaGheorghe Day 1,961, 11:26

o7 Romania!!!
o7 Serbia!!!

Predsjednik Republike SrBske
Predsjednik Republike SrBske Day 1,961, 11:43



Boris The Communist
Boris The Communist Day 1,961, 12:06

Poznat mi taj gvozdeni oro nesto...

LeRoiv77 Day 1,961, 12:40

Hail SRbOmania!

RO Daniel
RO Daniel Day 1,961, 13:07

Hail ROSerbia!

Damayanty Day 1,961, 22:55


bernoldi_salieri Day 1,961, 23:36

Comment deleted

Alecu Maxim
Alecu Maxim Day 1,962, 03:11

o7 Vladislav

Alecu Maxim
Alecu Maxim Day 1,962, 03:20

Bilo bi velika promena ako bratstvo između dve zemlje bi se postigla u virtuelnom svetu. . oprostite, nije mi dobro govore srpski

octav97 Day 1,964, 05:24

lool )))

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