Enduring Labor Values - Building a Stronger and Fairer eAus

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The Labor Party embodies the continuing pursuit of a society which values our security; champions
fairness and equality; believes in communities and families; promotes social justice and
compassion; supports freedom, liberty and enterprise; and
strives for opportunity and aspiration.

■ We value our nation’s long-term prosperity—achieved through a modern, competitive economy
and ensuring quality of life for all Australians.
■ We value our security—security for our family, our community and our country. We are proud
of our men and women who have served our nation and those who have died in the service of
their nation.
■ We value fairness and equality and believe in a fair go for all—we believe that a nation should
be governed in the broader interests of all, not in the sectional interests of a few.
■ We value our communities and our families. Our families are the bedrock of our communities
which we need to nurture, protect and support.
■ We value our democratic and public institutions, which have the power to address exclusion
and disadvantage.
■ We value compassion and dedicate ourselves to social justice. We believe that it is the
Australian way to work together to help alleviate suffering and disadvantage when we can.
■ We value liberty—the freedom to hold whatever beliefs we choose while respecting those of
others; the freedom to express those beliefs without fear or favour; and the economic freedom
to pursue our own employment and enterprise.
■ We believe in opportunity, creativity and innovation as the basis for individual aspiration and
being rewarded for hard work, achievement and success. These are the Labor Party’s timeless
values and they are fundamental Australian values.
These are the values that have given this great nation of ours its moral compass—not allowing us
to just look after ourselves, but always prompting us to look beyond ourselves. Not just to ask
what is in this for me and my immediate family, but also to ask what is in this for my community
and my country. These are the values that must now guide Australia’s future.

Vladimir Pejovic - Party President
StewartB - Deputy Party President
"Building a Stronger and Fairer eAus"

Extracted from "http://www.alp.org.au/download/now/2007_national_platform.pdf"