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Day 531, 08:34 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dorian Derezic
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
I am the Beginning and the End of Time
I am the Alpha I am the Omega
My whole creation stands before me tonight

My dear readers, A&O is back after more than 2 months if inactivity.
I had some important stuff in RL that I had to take care of.
You can see how I spent my days during this time if you just follow this adress:

A lot of new stuff happened, A&O finally started going international and we are proud to present a whole new section of the newspaper.
The newly formed Entertainment section will bring you a selection of music videos, wallpapers and a couple of articles from The Bro Code by Barney Stinson.

But enough with the chatter, check out what have I brought for you this time.


1.1 Another Great Tutorial
1.2 Hungarian Threats
1.3 Romanians in Asia
1.4 Party on!!


3.1 Popular Topics
3.2 Arena
3.3 Trading Post

4.1 Music Videos
4.2 The Bro Code
4.3 Wallpapers


1.1 Another Great Tutorial

OK, today I will present you with 2 great starter tutorials.
The first one is by Moishe, a well known tutorial maker, you can find the tutorial in this article: How Can I Survive?
He explains what exactly do you need to do in your first couple of days in the New World.
You`ll learn everything from what type of food should you buy and what company should you work in all the way to healing yourself in hospitals after a battle.
The tutorial has been written for USA citizens, but can be used by everyone, with minor modificiations of course.

The next one is a basic step by step tutorial for new citizens.
In this one you will learn how to put your avatar picture, how to get a job, getting your salary, you`ll learn about working, and training and how much your skill or strenght increases after you had done it.
She also suggests that you work for 30 days in a row, because with that shiny HW medal comes 5 gold which can help your citizen in many ways.
This tutorial can be found in this article Vodič za početnike written by Ministarstvo Obrazovanja Srba or more precisely by soonchica

1.2 Hungarian Threats

It looks like the Hungarians finally decided to show their real face to the people of New World.
Quicksilver is planning another baby-boom in Hungary and in this article TO policy of Hungary their president Fehelofia Koppany announces that Hungary will start doing TO-s on an even larger scale.
He threatens everybody with his enormous population, he threatens Atlantis, he threatens new countries that would like to join Atlantis, and of course those new countries that do not want to be a part of any alliance.
He also claims that Hungary will protect any new state from Goon or Atlantis TO groups for a sum of 10% of their treasury, even against their will, as was seen in their recent TO of Baltic states.
This policy is primarily used to opress Atlantis members and new undeveloped states, but the allmighty admins decided that it may be time to implement citizenship.
So admins, all I can say is that we are waiting for your move.

1.3 Romanians in Asia

Here I will present you with 2 articles from Romanian press, both of them are dealing with the same thing – the Romanian campaign in Asia.
First one is De ce? by Dani36, and the other is Important pentru romani by Sebahmah.
As we all know the goal of the Asian campaign was to cripple PEACE and it`s strongert country Indonesia, but almost near the goal Romania started losing their territories.
What we all want to know is why that happened, why now, when we were so close to our goal.
Sebahmah says that it was expected because Indonesia is a powerful country and with the help of it`s allies it easily defeated Romanian forces that were forced to defend on 4, 5 or even 6 battlefields.
But that is not the only reason this defeats happened.
Dani36 talked to some of his citizens and found out that some of them are playing this just to fight against Hungary.
It doesn`t matter to them if those regions might be secured and that it would be better for them, for Romania, for Atlantis to fight against Indo tide, they fight on their own not listening to the orders of the Ministry of Defence.
Those are selfish people that think only about themselves and not about the greater cause.
So here I ask you to listen to your leaders, to obey their orders without hesitation, because that is the only way that Atlantis can prevail in this fight against PEACE.

1.4 Party on!!
Couple of days ago Serbs started their RW-s in their former regions Vojvodina, Belgrade, East Serbia and Raska.
The thing is that nobody saw this RW-s, and there is a perfect explanation for that.
That was not the normal type of RW that we can see every day in our world where people use their HQ guns to hit that wall, this was a peacefull RW.
This was one of the biggest Rostilj & Whiskey parties the world has ever seen.
There were no guns no hatred, just gallons of high quality booze and food.
The primary goal of this RW was to, well, get wasted, so some of us used brand new type of Q6 absinthe that is not yet availabe in any of the stores.
Just imagine the streams of Q5 beer, mountains of pork and lamb chops, all Q included.
For that brief moment we forgot our differences and partied like no one partied before, and after that we all went to the nearest Q5 hospital to get our stomachs pumped, and that`s the last thing I can remember, I have absolutely no idea how I got home.
For more info on the party you can check this article Danas RW u isto vreme u Vojvodini, Beogradu, Istočnoj Srbiji, Raškoj... by Lipec


2.1. RW vs. Indonesia – Chhattisgarh – Started by Han Solo
2.2. RW vs. Indonesia – Maharashtra – Started by butnaru
2.3. RW vs. Indonesia – Andhra Pradesh – Started by Piratul
2.4. RW vs. Indonesia – Rajasthan – Started by Robius
2.5. RW vs. Indonesia – North-East India – Started by Han Solo
2.6. RW vs. Romania – Central Black Earth Region – Started by Handarton
2.7. RW vs.Romania - Sindh - Started by axlline
2.8. RW vs. Romania – Urals Region – Started by axlline
2.9. Indonesia vs. Romania - Punjab - EDIT: Conquered by Indonesia
2.10. Indonesia vs. Romania - Sindh
2.11. Iran vs. Romania – North-West Frontier Province
2.12. China vs. Romania – East Siberian Region
2.13. China vs. Romania – Zhejiang
2.14. Poland vs. Hungary - Volhynia
2.15. Hungary vs. Romania - Sloboda
2.16. Indonesia vs. Romania - Hubei

Indonesia – Q5 – Java, Karnataka, Western Cape, Xinjiang
Romania – Q5 – Banat, Moldova, Muntenia, Podolia, Transilvania, West Siberian Region
Hungary – Q5 – Central Hungary, Northern Hungary, Southern Great Plain, Western Transdanubia
China –Q5 - Beijing
Iran – Q5 – Jharkhand, Liaoning
Poland – Q5 - Mazovia


3.1 Popular Topics

1.Tips to make it rich?
2.Urging everyone to be a Dioist.
3.Urging everyone to be a Churchist.
4.Save the Mayors - eRep V.1 Petition

3.2 Arena

1.how Mnay New Bugs?
2.Best Hair

3.3 Trading Post

1.Q1 Moving ticket company for sale
2.Q1 Housing with 1 completed house
3.Looking for Q5 house
4.Weapon Q4
5.Q2 Weapons on sale for 0.3 gold per unit


4.1 Music Videos

Flipsyde – Happy Birthday

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Hush – Rise Again

Zion ft. Akon – I Love The Way She Moves

The Underdog Project – Tonight

4.2 The Bro Code

Article 1: Bros before hoes.

Article 2: A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as the rest of his Bros are all doing it.

Article 3: If a Bro gets a dog, it must be at least as tall as his knee when full grown.
Corollary: Naming a lapdog after a pro-wrestler or a character from a Steve McQueen movie does not absolve a Bro from this article.

Article 4: A Bro never divulges the existence of The Bro Code to a woman, it is a sacred document not to be shared with chicks for any reason, no, not even „that“ reason.

Article 5: Whether he cares about sports or not, a Bro cares about sports.

4.3 Wallpapers

1. Animals
2. Girls
3. Games
4. Cars
5. Landscape

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Dorian Derezic a.k.a. Alpha & Omega