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73 votes

Day 1,792, 08:01 Published in North Korea China by Kim Will Sing


NK SIMIDA PARTY (Total: 7 votes)
bullseye_0718 (elected with 4 votes <---> 57.14%)

Cipher Lead the Way (Total: 6 votes)
Zlatan_Tu (elected with 4 votes <---> 66,67%)

Korean (Total: 13 votes)
MeiFawAn (elected with 7 votes <---> 53,85%)

Worker's Party of North Korea (Total: 8 votes)
zwsugar (elected with 5 votes <---> 62.50%)

North Korean Democratic Party (Total: 39 votes)
dawenxi (elected with 16 votes <---> 41.03%)

Total: 73 VOTES
23 more votes than the last month... our people loves to vote. And the people seems to love dawenxi more than our actual President (MeiFawAn).

Each potential leader of the opposition has lost (Bob Wu, KimJungUn, Kim Young, A r a g o r n). The people loves eChina and don't want to be a free country or...

... our country is full of traitors, cheaters and multies.

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Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,792, 08:17

There are 13 votes voting for the multi account in NKDP.

So the so called "revolutionists" used 13 multis to vote a multi and failed?

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,792, 08:23

All have to be BAN, like many others...

For information, I voted for Kim Young, for who do you have voted Alan Wong?

Alan Wong, you have a eChina flag on your avatar... Why are you not in your real country?

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,792, 08:44

There are obviously bots being utilized on both sides.

Also, Alan Wong probably voted for MeiFawAn along with many others.

A lot of you are forgetting that Mei along with a lot of others live in Japan, so they log onto Erepublik during a different time-frame. When i talked to Alan and Meifa on IRC, it was the morning for them while it was later at night for me. A lot of Meifa's friends also two click on this game.

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,792, 09:57

MeiFawAn was online 5 minutes ago. 😉

dawenxi Day 1,792, 10:49


Knight of Brutality
Knight of Brutality Day 1,792, 11:39

Dawenxi clearly used multies as much as alfad000g, but he used them in a way he couldn't be found guilty. Because magically 16 people voted for him, but strange I never heard of them!

Kim Will Sing
Kim Will Sing Day 1,792, 12:16

Do you know your 16 voters?
An idea of who vote for you?

KimJungUn Day 1,792, 13:36

i checked last night with an hour left and i had one vote over sugar then this morning but it said the election committee was checking but it didn't seem like they checked enough

Bob Wu
Bob Wu Day 1,792, 14:01

I don't understand how I lost!
I had a clear victory installed!

Paolo Cheng
Paolo Cheng Day 1,793, 01:18


dawenxi Day 1,793, 02:13

@ Kim Will Sing
What you asked Alan Wong is really funny.
You should ask yourself," ... Why are you not in your real country?"
Don't tell everyone that you are a real-life north korean.

Alan Wong
Alan Wong Day 1,793, 05:01

@Kim Will Sing

To your question, I think dawenxi have answered you.

And I voted dawenxi if you want to know, I was just trying to get rid of any multi accounts win party president election 🙂

Kim Jong Paek
Kim Jong Paek Day 1,793, 08:30

we must fight against china! wake up, take weapons and go! we must free our Great Land from China!!!

OogieBoogie3 Day 1,793, 09:44

China is eons more powerful than North Korea. You want peace more than anything.

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