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62nd US Congressional Report: Final Week

Day 1,924, 05:47 Published in USA USA by eUSA Congress

Today’s Congressional report was prepared by Congressman John Largo. I would like to personally thank Mr. Largo for his work this month preparing reports for this publication and sincerely hope the incoming Congress follows suit. Please be sure to subscribe and watch for additional news from Congress.

Hello and welcome American Citizens,

The 62nd US Congress has just concluded the fourth and final week of its term!

To increase transparency and better your opinion of the US government, we want to inform you of what your representatives are discussing, proposing, and ratifying in The Legislative Branch during our fourth week.

In last week's article we answered some of the questions you left us in the comments from the prior week. Thanks to the admin comments improvement, last week were able to answer your questions as you posted them, so you did not have to wait a week for the answer. We hope to continue that process this week.

Now, time to discuss this week! Please remember to leave feedback in the comments below.

We signed in to begin the week to establish quorum for the week. Quorum is the minimum amount of votes that must be cast for a Congressional bill to be considered legitimate law for American citizens. This week our quorum was set at 12, unchanged from the prior week.

We also did something rather unique for our government. We discussed the ATO (Anti Take-Over) plan to defeat our nation's PTO (Political Take-Over) with the Executive team in Public where our nation's citizens could learn about our strategy and see what we were doing. The outcome is not assured as I write this, but my fingers are crossed that we made a good decision and our citizens and allies will rally to support us.

The long-running debate over identifying new revenue streams to support our military continued. Donations are being accepted on a branch by branch basis, but there is not yet a structure in place to coordinate those funds.

There was a small finding that will help the USAF budget slightly. The wording and historical interpretation of the budget were unclear as to whether the funds were to go 100% to the USAF or if the militias were to continue to be funded through OMS (Office of Militia Support). After a discussion with Congress, the Secretary of Defense, and the President, OMS funding was halted per the President's decision. Congress moved to remove the OMS mandate from the Code (The list of laws Congress has created), so there would not be any more confusion in the future. This vote passed and met the quorum requirement. The OMS law can be re-enacted should the economic climate improve in the future.

This Congress has been hailed as one of the best groups in some time. Much of the reasoning is that this Congress has refused to be a rubber stamp and has stood up for decisions that we collectively believed in, in an honest and politically respectful manner. The best example is the Albanian MPP issue this week. We began the term with the request to drop the Albanian MPP. This was largely due to coordinating MPPs with our new allies in CoT. Congress was assured that we would never fight against Albania and our alliance knew and accepted our stance, but the MPP might be an issue due to game mechanics. While we temporarily accepted this reasoning, the debate did not end. In fact one Congressperson, Loren Sh, resigned over the issue. That resignation sparked a renewed debate, and the fact that our Bros in Albania constantly support us in our fight against our internal PTO enemies, finally won over our PotUS, whose team arranged permission from our new allies in CoT to approve the Albanian MPP. As we demonstrated militarily this past Saturday, the eUS is still a friend to Albania and we will continue to be so, even if we are in different alliances.

So, that's a wrap. Please leave a comment with what you, the American citizenry, want the next Congress to discuss and work to ratify.

Thanks for reading! And remember to vote for one of the loyalist parties in today’s Congressional elections: AMP, Feds, USWP, or WTP.

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ligtreb Day 1,924, 07:32

Thank you for the update!

Darian Dracona Day 1,924, 07:43

Comment deleted

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,924, 07:43

It was truly my pleasure and honor to serve with this group of people. Forward we continue and upward we shall go.

Thedillpickl Day 1,924, 07:59

"This Congress has been hailed as one of the best groups in some time."
No doubt, as I was absent in every way. I secretly knew that everything was my fault. 😃:D

So... No more OMS?

Hopefully feeble minded Congress will forget about OMS by the time Plato does something to make the econ work again. This would provide two benefits: 1) More revenue would become available to fund "Save the n00blet" programs; 2) Keep our govt. out of the vote buying business. (At least as far as private MU's are concerned. They will always have the 'official' military on a short leash.)

Good job John, I'm pleased that you had the chance to do this. It would be nice if the effort could continue. However I fear that the general populace will soon find some other butterfly to chase. It is their way, after all, with short attention spans we are easily distracted.

Clint Carmel
Clint Carmel Day 1,925, 15:38

Good or bad, Ajay is a typical American-- we never stop pursuing our goals. Our attention may seem divided because we go back and forth between Republican and Democratic, but on the goals that matter to us-- taking all the real-life money from Serbia and putting it into the hands of Blizzard Entertainment-- we never stop.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,924, 16:08

I am proud to have been able to communicate the works of Congress this month, and if I am not re-elected, I hope another will take on the task next month.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,924, 16:27

Nice job guys nice job o/

kushtrimzz Day 1,924, 17:18


Candor Day 1,924, 17:21

Congress large and in charge.

Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Day 1,924, 17:33


beerman616 Day 1,925, 06:27

Thank you Mr. Largo!

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