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Day 2,118, 12:53 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by AYANCUKLU ABINIZ

Unutmayin aq grik leri aklinizi alicaz az kaldi



kesanligarf Day 2,118, 13:33


CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Day 2,118, 14:35

keleşi yağla

Isr Heil
Isr Heil Day 2,118, 17:21

tüh amk unuttuk ya tam trollenecek makaleydi amk

Georgelakeland Day 2,124, 23:19

minister of education in e-Cyprus. I cant see any e-greek or at least some e-English. how will you educate with only one language? please try to use at least some English. thank you. bye.

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