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5th Issue - My thoughts on economy!

Day 1,825, 02:18 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Gepard007

Hello everyone!

I think it's about time I write something about economy in eRep. I realized that my thoughts have come to real because when the major change on economy has been done for the last time I was thinking that they did real damage to it.
Now you get only a little amount of money for your goods and also gold is worth nothing. You can't sell gold now and buy new raw goods company because it's simply too expensive and if you do it you will never get back your money.

For instance raw goods company cost 7500 cc's and you get 175 raw goods per day which you can sell for 0.08 per each which makes 14cc's per day... So at current prices you will get your money back in 535 days 😃 Funny eh? 🙂 Many people in here don't even play this game that long...

So what to do? I think admins won't change it because they don't listen to us the ordinary players. I was also thinking of making a petition and give that list of people who are unsatisfied with current condition to admins...

Today I ask you are you satisfied with current economy position and if not what to do??

Thanks in advance,



Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Day 1,825, 07:38

voted o>

Gepard007 Day 1,825, 07:59

Thanks missingno! 🙂

Fosite Day 1,825, 08:31

I agree raw companys cost way to much, and btw its not 7500 but 8500 😛 so even worse.
But doubt admins will listen cause anyone with half brain allready knows this is a major issue, so im sure they know it and just dont care.

Shibitah Day 1,825, 10:35

I wish a petition would work but I'm afraid not ..

Gepard007 Day 1,825, 12:28

Thanks on your correction Fosite! It's even more then omg 😒 Haven't bought one for so long that I already forgot 😃

Thanks on your opinion Shibitah! I also wish petition would work... 😒

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