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Day 38, 00:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by shaggy123

Or so one would be forgiven for thinking after reading most of the press releases of the new UK reform party. While a fine idea in and of itself it seems unclear how this will really achieve anything other than providing a more active place for discussion of various in-game issues. However this seems to be, according to them at least, the basis for voting for the UKRP as they seem to plan in most other things to continue the failed policies of the EPP.

While this is not surprising, given that most of their members seem to be old school EPP members it is somewhat disappointing. Unfortunately it seems that only the UKAP is willing to place substantial tariffs on the imported goods that are running our home grown companies out of business. Or to inflate the currency to a more reasonable level in order to help our own exports.

Thus until the EPP, UKRP or whatever they eventually decide to call themselves manage to reform themselves to offer the necessary interventionist government that this country so sorely needs at the present time. This paper would have to advise all citizens of the UK to vote for Big Duncan Ferguson and the UKAP in the upcoming elections, the only individual and party that seems able to give the UK the fresh, decisive and active Government that it deserves.