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5 Years of Erepublik. 2 Years of eNew Zealand.

Day 1,829, 18:34 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by naxhi26

Happy Birthday erepublik! 5 years is a long time. Its kinda impressive all the things that have happened in the past 5 years. Nations Rise and Fall, new Nations are added, and we have already gone through 5 World Wars. But what about our History? We have been around for 2 Years already. A lot has happened to our tiny island since we have been created. Let me go through some of these events that has affected us the most.

October 6th, 2010- New Zealand is Created as one of 6 new nations. Myles Robinson was chosen to be its first leader.

54 companies started in New Zealand in a spam of 12 days

Many people from major countries start flooding to New Zealand to try to get an influence over it.

October 13th, 2010- More then 300 people live in eNZ making it the most populated of the six new countries.

October 15th, 2010- Our countries first political parties hold there first Party President Elections. These starting parties included......

The Liberal Party
The Peace 'n' Prosperity Party
The New Zealand Union Party
The Taranaki Tribe (Did not realize they were that old 😮)
The New Zealand Workers Party

Our Provisional Government constructed a plan to make sure these parties were in the hands of Non- PTOers by creating the Anti Takeover Party.

October 26th, 2010- Our first congressional elections saw our country split between Serbian PTOers, and supporters of the Provisional Government. Two men however remained neutral and have been called, "the two most important men in eNew Zealand."

November 6th, 2010- Our Countries first Presidential Election between Calbe and Gaius Julius Ceasar00. Calbe wins the election by a landslide and becomes our first elected president.

His cabinet however consisted of New Immigrants from the U.S. and Serbia. His first actions were to take out the PTO parties. Realizing that fires of hatred were burning between Serbian immigrants, who supported the alliance PHOENIX, and American immigrants, who supported the alliance EDEN Calbe was afraid that one party might see the backing of their country of origin and instead of having a political takeover, Calbe would have a military takeover. He signed pacts with the U.S and Serbia to keep New Zealand Neutral.

December 6th, 2010- Don KronoX follows in Calbe's footsteps and becomes our second president. Don KronoX will also lead our country many more times.

January 6th, 2011- kurojca is elected our third president.

January to May, 2011- Our country experiences a crisis in foreign affairs. A political party known as Aotearoa has risen up through the political ranks and has taken over a large part of our congress. They also have supported the 2nd and 3rd president of NZ. They however are also a Serbian Majority, meaning also during this period, we get pretty close with Serbia. As you also know, ONE is created around this time, and Serbia is one of the key founders of the Alliance.

Also, World War 5 breaks out in March.

We are however still neutral during the first stages of this war. Of course most people would suspect we would be attacked by the U.S. cause remember they are the biggest minority on the Island. But you are dead wrong.

During this period, we start experimenting with war. Our nation and eChile start playing war games with each other because soldiers on both sides get more xp this way. Then it gets dicey.

We start to feel threatened by eArgentina, our neighbor.

May 13th, 2011- Argentina declares war and starts invading New Zealand. Argentina is at first winning, but we eventually get back on our feet, and with help from our allies in ONE, we repel them. The Argentinian New Zealand War brings New Zealand on the side on ONE.

June 2011 to January 2012- Not much happens after the War, we see political parties rise, political parties fall.

New Presidents, some good, some bad.

We continue our war games with Chile

We also see many famous people leave during this time, like Balkan Beast, Don KronoX and Oboacer.

February 2012- New Zealand joins the Pro-ONE coalition of EPIC.

June 22, 2012- New Zealand Helps form our current alliance called the Circle of Trust

July 2012 to Today- As you know, the new patches by the mods have greatly affected our economy and military. We are again fighting Argentina in war, and we have lost connection with countries like Serbia. We however have been able to stand up to the challenge and promote the good of all our citizens

This is a lot, a lot of history. Thank you for reading, please vote and sub.
Oh and feel free to share your own memories about these events and these people.



IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,830, 04:12

New Zealand is proud of you,

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,830, 07:12

Great article, voted and proud to help with damage in any way to a great, friendly nation O7

ave-imperator Day 1,830, 08:25

well, I must tell that serbians (with help of slovene people, there was about 60 of them here, and sadly I am the last of them) weren't PTOers... From our point of view americans were ; )
Americans just came (weren't even the first) and say hey, we are ATOers and everybody who doesn't agree to what we say is a PTOer. But something happened;

We came, we came in large numbers, muahahah : D

but, great for reminding us it's NZ's 2nd Birthday,... I really forgot : /


Spartac Day 1,830, 13:39


Skorpion 35
Skorpion 35 Day 1,830, 17:58


Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,830, 19:40

How about the first CP in eNZ history elected in back to back terms? Anyone remember that guy?

In Don KronoX we trust o7 RIP my friend

naxhi26 Day 1,830, 20:13

You know Zaliban I was just about to add you, JUST about
Then I saw this montage of guys getting hit in the nuts
And I was like omg that's the funniest and most painful thing I've ever saw!!!
I completely forgot and didn't remember until I posted it.
I was gonna edit it but I just ate a thanksgiving dinner and I was so tired that I just got up and crashed on my bed.
Sorry bud:3

naxhi26 Day 1,830, 20:14

Nah jk dude
In all seriousness I total forgot about that, didn't mean to leave ya out.

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,831, 02:10

"the two most important men in eNew Zealand."

Who is that referring to? I guess Calbe would be one of them, at least at that time.

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