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5 Things YOU can do to improve our country

Day 700, 17:39 Published in USA USA by Gaius Julius

US and Hungary Fight over Manitoba

We attacked Hungary, 20% MORE DAMAGE THIS TIME GUYS!!!

A lot of times people ask "what is the government doing to improve player activity?". This is a good question and I have a lot of responses:
1.) Manitoba weapons program which got over 150 new players onto the forums.
2.) Re-Organizing the mentor program to reach out to every player.
3.) Re-Organizing the Training Corps so they can once again train new players
4.) Meals on Wheels
5.) The US Military

These Government sponsored or Government run programs are great, and we are working at full pace to either get them running at capacity or keep them running. However things like this do have a limit to their good. They can only reach so many players and can only help so many. In fact the greatest resource are country has in new player development is YOU.

The ways YOU can help with activity are simple, they don't take much time and they you, our nation and the new player.

1.) Be Generous: Last battle for Manitoba the government handed out hundreds if not thousands of free weapons to new players or those who just needed it. However the government coffers and stockpiles are only so big. There are hundreds of players int his country who could spare a few Q1 weapons. Last battle we saw this when various individual players handed out weapons. This boosts our damage and makes new players feel like others care about them. Don't know how to do this? Simple just post on the forums or write an article and I'm sure you can find a few new players looking for an extra wep.

2.) Write informative articles: Zoli is back and as much as I love him, occasionally we do need to make sure he isn't the sole educational resource in our media. The more citizens who take time to write informative the better we'll do. Every time we have a battle of consequence our media should be spammed with "How to Fight and Where to Fight". The more articles the more new players we'll catch. The DoD, POTUS and VPOTUS cannot be the sole source of info for new players. Furthermore if you write things such as FAQ's and how to guide's people will be more inclined to read your articles and subscribe.

3.) Stalk articles: Seems a little wierd but a while back before I got busy with government stuff I did this all the time. Say you are reading an article and see a new player comment. What is stopping you from pming them or friending them? Answer to that is absolutely nothing. Pm them and say hey I see your new do you have any questions? Simple as that, all of the sudden this new player feels like people care about them. They are surprised that someone actually genuinely cares about them

4.) Spam the eUS forums: No, don't go there and spam, but spam the link and info about our forums everywhere. People who use the forums are more active and have a better idea about what is going on. It's as simple as a shout that says "Join the eUS forums" even if you only get one player on, multiple that across dozens of shouts and we are talking real numbers.
P.S: Forums are here:

5.) FIGHT: Seems pretty simple, but I am not kidding. Think about when we were most active. We had daily battles and they constantly mattered. This is the same kind of situation we can be in, we just need to make the first jump. Beating Hungary in Manitoba opens up lots of opportunities and if we win I promise we will have over a week of major battles to fight in. So fight with everything you have, share weapons barter for weapons. You want the Government to give you battles, well win them and we'll give you more!

Activity is a two way street. It helps get new players active and gives you something to do. There is no older player who should ever say "I have nothing to do" there are always more payers to help!

On top of all the serious ways to get players active, there are great ways to get active. The Department of Fun is in full burn and many parties and organizations host contests and lotteries. The careful observer can always find something to do on eRep.

-Gaius Julius


Afanasiy Drago
Afanasiy Drago Day 700, 17:40

no you

Kommissar Mikhail
Kommissar Mikhail Day 700, 17:40


Tyrannocopters Day 700, 17:40


Crash and Burn Industries
Crash and Burn Industries Day 700, 17:40

Great article GJ

Tyrannocopters Day 700, 17:40

third and fourth -.-

Ingo Castilho
Ingo Castilho Day 700, 17:41

Joining the newly created ST6 Platoon will also help your country!
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Tyrannocopters Day 700, 17:43


Darkcerberus5690 Day 700, 17:43

^ agreed. and holy amount of comments in 4 minutes.

Darkcerberus5690 Day 700, 17:43

Del, you just totally ruined that for me T.T

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton Day 700, 17:46


ltdan676 Day 700, 17:46

i do allot of the things you listed. now and then i find new players comments and i pm them. maybe i should do that a bit more. but some don't reply.

Robert Loggia
Robert Loggia Day 700, 17:46


Boomer Boris
Boomer Boris Day 700, 17:49

first page

Blanc Loup
Blanc Loup Day 700, 17:51

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Roma Victor Enterprises
Roma Victor Enterprises Day 700, 17:51

representative democracymaxxx

bythemark Day 700, 17:54


Whilom Day 700, 17:58

Great job, GJ.

Lieutenant Scheisskopf
Lieutenant Scheisskopf Day 700, 18:03

Nicely done, GJ!

Lt. Scheisskopf
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]155/1</a>

Travis Dammann
Travis Dammann Day 700, 18:07

Nice Job,

I have given Q1 wepons to my starting friends

syco24 Day 700, 18:08

ST6 Recruitment- <a href="[..]181/1" target="_blank">[..]181/1</a>

syco24 Day 700, 18:09

OF course, fight here first.

Mustache Dictator
Mustache Dictator Day 700, 18:47

Barely missed first page 🙁

JeepAmerica Day 700, 18:49


Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker Day 700, 18:51


Zoli Day 700, 23:28

Let's rock and roll!

Joshua Patterson
Joshua Patterson Day 701, 00:24

How come you didn't link the Department of Fun to our new org ;_;
<a href="" target="_blank">[..]51463</a>

Daphne Lilac
Daphne Lilac Day 701, 16:18

Good Article GJ, voted.

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