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Day 2,299, 16:15 Published in Israel Portugal by HK416

Hey! HO! Fellas,

Every time I arrive to a new country, I release an article with overall vision that the Portuguese People have about the country I´m in. So, let´s get the
magnifying glass over Israel.
All the characteristics pointed out or icons correspond to a smooth general view.
This is my personal opinion, and I do not want to offend your culture. This article aims to entertain and stimulate an interesting link between our countries. As always my articles are humorous tone, so lets laught together mates. \o/

"TUGA" - diminutive of the Portuguese

First of all, you a well known thing is that you are a Jewish Community. I know that you have a small community of Muslins too. But I will not explore this topic cause it´s to serious to a newspaper like this, and I´m atheist.

Second, Israeli Defense Forces are known as the Best of the World and it is a fact. Your Army has skilled man and woman, and although you have technological resources like Americans, IDF are better prepared in terms of training combat.
Very good performance in any war scenario, kings of CQB!
We see the IDF, lets move to the Mossad. The tragedy of Munich, 1972 is an worlwide famous event. The stories that circulate in my country told us that Mossad run year after year to find those responsible. It is said that it takes a few years but Mossad eliminated all involved in this cowardly attack.
You have famous UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) too. We know that if you don´t have that, probably the terrorism threat it will be Bigger.
Operation ThunderBolt in Entebbe Airport, Uganda is known too, because it has one of the more complicated missions of hostage rescue ever.

They also have well-known weapons like the Uzi (and variants), Desert Eagle, Tavor, and the Current Portuguese Paratroops standart Rifle - Galil \ o /

Now, lets move to the Funny part. xP
- Vibe Tribe
- Alien Project
- Infected Mushroom
- Orca
- Every Psytrance DJ/producer is from Israel (Stereotype) xP
- David D´Or

- Natalie Portman
- Bar Rafaeli
- Yisrael Aharoni
- Yossi Benayoun
- Eyal Berkovic
- Gai Assulin
- Miki Berkovich
- Gal Mekel
- Shimon Peres
- Ephraim Katzir
- Omri Caspi
- Linor Abargil
- Major Uzi Gaf

- Language: Hebrew and Arabic
- Hapoel Tel Aviv; (Uefa Champions League)
- Maccabi Haifa; (Uefa Chamipions League)
(Btw, all HAIL Sport Lisboa e Benfica \o/)
- Maccabi Tel Aviv;
- Jerusalem , the Sacred City or The City of Peace, values, history;
- Tel Aviv, International City;
- Jerico, the oldest city of the world;
- Falafel, shwarma, kebab and sabih *.* (In Portugal we have a fast food restaurants chain called "Ali Kebab", Ali trademark say that they make your typical kebab and shwarma, is awesome but I do not know if it's the true recipe xP Hope so)
- Krav Maga
- Power Rangers \o/

Hope you like this article, vote and subscribe if you want and.. "Obrigado!" (Thanks in Portuguese)
That´s all,

PS: Sorry for my english xP


John TG
John TG Day 2,299, 17:29


HK416 Day 2,299, 17:37


MAO CAT Day 2,299, 19:55


HK416 Day 2,300, 23:39

Obrigado MAO 😉

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 2,299, 20:18

Power Rangers? oO

Voted xD

HK416 Day 2,300, 23:37

Foram produzidos em Israel XP

Pony do Inferno
Pony do Inferno Day 2,300, 09:29

Esta eu não sabia!
Vivendo e aprendendo xD

KokoAp Day 2,299, 21:40

Falafel, shwarma, kebab ... Israeli? VERY FUNNY

NewSaver Day 2,300, 23:19

These foods was invented abroad but because of the immigration (or "Aliya") to Israel those kinds of food were developed and became very popular in Israel.

HK416 Day 2,300, 23:36

^ that´s it 😃

Israel Zangwil Day 2,300, 09:35

Comment deleted

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 2,300, 09:35

I think it was the Arabs who lived in Palestine (under the Ottoman Empire) who made this food popular in Israel, after learning it from the Turks. It is an Arab food and they are the ones making it today in Arab restaurants.

NewSaver Day 2,300, 23:18

Very nice article!!!!!!!!

Big vote!

HK416 Day 2,300, 23:37

thanks 😉

Fidel Castro reborn Day 2,300, 23:25

Comment deleted

HK416 Day 2,300, 23:36

ok Fidel, now call your brother raul to join your fight 😉

NewSaver Day 2,300, 00:20

If Israel would play in Asia, it would face countries like Iran, Lebanon and more hostile countries. Believe me, we would prefer to play against Asian teams it is much easier.

Fidel Castro reborn
Fidel Castro reborn Day 2,300, 00:23

Hostile countries you must be joking 😃 The whole world despise Israel for what you have done and what you re doing...and they are hostile??? LOL Your only supporter is USA another terror state!"!! open your eyes and see what your politinas are doing 🙁((

NewSaver Day 2,300, 01:51

Ok man, what ever...
If you don't live in Israel you don't know the REAL situation. You only getting false info from forgein media.

I will fight in IDF next year and fight terror. Israel will be forever Jewish And there is nothing you can do. We fight agaist Fattah, Jihad, Hamas and Hizballa. We don't kill inoccent people on purpose and we are fully painful for those we do (cause terrorist are living between inoccent people).

You are a victim of a false media and of Nazism. Arabs have more than 30 countries, Jewish have ONLY one!

Long live Israel!!!!

KokoAp Day 2,300, 02:16

I do not live in Israel, but just accross the border. I am fully aware of who bombs me, with what weapons, and how many people die (from either side). "Terrorism" is such a nice word to use, in order to defend the indefensible acts. (oh and I am not an Arab, so do not waste your breath badmouthing them)

KokoAp Day 2,300, 02:23

Just to clarify, so that I am not accused of being anti-Jewish; I support the right of Israel for an independent state, and I am fully aware that left to themselves, their Arab neighbours will not let them do so. (I have this argument with my Arab friends all the time). But this fact does not justify Israeli actions, which anybody with eyes can / has seen.

NewSaver Day 2,300, 02:28

I don't justifie at all death of inoccent people!
I wish it wouldn't happen at all!!! Israel doesn't search for inoccent people in Gazza or abroad, and just bombs them. Israel has missions to do in order to keep us safe and sometimes by exident, as painful as it is, we hurt inoccent people. And therfore, terror organizations prefer to hide behind those people.

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,300, 03:12

KokoAp, in more than 90% of the cases, Israel responds to terrorists actions against its citizens. We defend our country. We gave the arabs land (Gaza) and terror is now controling it. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Israel transfers daily resources to Gaza and other arabs land but the terrorists "capture" it. They use schools, kindergartens and hospitals as a "base". They launch rockets from places like those so when Israel attacks they will be able to show the "true face of Israel" in the media.

And let me ask you a question. What would you do?
I am sure in 100% that if a group of terrorists would launch rockets on countries like USA, Russia or any other country, this group wouldn't exist anymore.

Israel gave them a land, they used it for bad purpose. Now we are attacked by the land THAT WAS OURS FROM THE FIRST PLACE, AND WE GAVE IT BECAUE WE SUPPORT PEACE. So why do you think Israel insists not to give more lands to arabs? Because once we give them a land, it becomes a "terrorists" land ..

If Hamas, Jihad or any other terrorists organization wouldn't shoot on us, we would not respond as well .. did you see what happened this week?,7340,L-4495487,00.html

You see what happends when we give lands to arabs?
Other countries that has the same purpose as Hamas (for example) use it to provide them with weapons to hurt our country ..

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:40

hey calm down fellas, this is a game...

Israel Zangwil
Israel Zangwil Day 2,300, 09:26

HK416 - It is indeed a game, but people here have no tolerance against people who hate Israel in RL and write about it here.

HK416 Day 2,300, 20:14

It´s a pety when people don´t know how to differentiate reality from virtual. I, for reasons of culture and education, hate Spaniards, but contact with them both, in reality and ingame, cause cultural promotion and share isone of the most interesting aspects of this life. Respect each other like them are from your family.

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,300, 03:14

Yeah, because Israel would play with Iran football while they threat to delete us from the map ..

NewSaver Day 2,300, 03:24

well said Miki!
If you people made Miki express his RL political opnions you made him very upset xD

Der Golem
Der Golem Day 2,300, 11:12

Israel is not a terror stae, it's just a Neighbourhood bully -

Admiral General Mickey
Admiral General Mickey Day 2,300, 23:26


By the way, the lowest place in the world is in Israel: the Dead Sea 🙂

HK416 Day 2,300, 23:38

Interesting mate 😃

Admiral General Mickey Day 2,300, 23:26

Comment deleted

ShovalG Day 2,300, 00:36

Voted! Very funny:)

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:41


Carlos alex36
Carlos alex36 Day 2,300, 01:14

no krav maga?

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:42

I completely forget it 😕 Shame on me, but added and Obrigado fofo 😃

Carlos alex36
Carlos alex36 Day 2,300, 14:35

de nada
vai para a Austrália e faz um artigo destes 😛

HK416 Day 2,300, 15:33

Só bebados lá xD

HK416 Day 2,300, 15:33

Só bebados lá xD

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 2,300, 02:25


Apolo1973 Day 2,300, 02:56

Black October.... an amazing mission done by Mossad to assassinate the responsible for the killing in the Olympic games... 🙂 Love it..

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:43

True Fella 😉

The last awake KOALA
The last awake KOALA Day 2,300, 06:10

Hey mate I think my Portuguese is better than your English XD
and I`ll wait till you go to Iran and write an article about my RL country 😁)
good luck

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:46

They kill me there,,,, Tony, portuguese former coach of Traktor done this. They kill the next portuguese who land on Iran. xD

The last awake KOALA
The last awake KOALA Day 2,300, 08:32

No one gonna kill but me if you don`t travel to Iran 😐

HK416 Day 2,300, 08:35


The last awake KOALA
The last awake KOALA Day 2,300, 08:36

Why do you cry bro ? I`ll protect you anyway and anyway mate 😁

HK416 Day 2,300, 07:51

or vitor pereira in al ahli

Rastafu Day 2,300, 08:06

Traz-me um frasquinho de hummus quando voltares, fofinho < 3

HK416 Day 2,300, 20:17

manda uma couvete, que eu mando-te isso acabado de fazer fofo xP

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