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3 useful websites and tools for Erepublik!

Day 1,649, 03:23 Published in USA USA by Captain Black Sheep
This is my first article and hopefully not the last. In this article, you may find new and useful websites or tools for playing. I'll keep my explanations in short because I think you'll find out better 'how it works' by trying yourself.

The first tool is Influence calculator for erepublik

This website will tell your influence after entering parameters. You can count for example the influence which you're able to do by using all bazookas and Plato's candies.

Thank you Garda (the tool's maker).

The second tool is eRepublik citizen progress calculator.

In this website, you can to simulate your growth. It includes all parameters:

As you can see, you've to do some approximations for example in fights. This means that 'it shouldn't be considered completely accurate' but it definitely gives you excellent information about future! After entering parameters, it will give you an output which looks:

And a big thank for its maker Squirrel!

The third tool is training calculator

This is helpful tool for training. Nowadays it's all about training and more exactly gold training. With this tool you can find out how much training would cost in the long run. It subtracts earned Super Soldiers from the used gold of training.

The tool is made by xenophob and a big thank for him!

If you find these tools useful, others may too: feel free to share the article with friends and remember subscribe + vote! 😉


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 1,649, 03:43

WHAT!! unna got a newspaper;D

Ignas2526 Day 1,649, 04:11

Great article! Didn't knew about existence of some of those tools!

fethicelik Day 1,649, 04:15


DMV3 Day 1,649, 04:18

Good article, I hope to see more from you.

Juma1a Day 1,649, 04:45

aika panostus 😃

TTi09 Day 1,649, 14:21


Season Finale
Season Finale Day 1,650, 07:09


Apress Day 1,650, 09:10

v + s useful for someone who does not know this;) nice work \o o7

SSMell Day 1,650, 12:08


BeRT2me Day 1,650, 15:24

thanks, I didn't know about the last one 😃

t0b1 Day 1,651, 11:43


Squirrel Day 1,651, 11:53

You're welcome, dearies. I could pretty much integrate the last one to the progress calculator, hmm.

Captain Black Sheep
Captain Black Sheep Day 1,651, 12:06



That would be a great idea! Looking forward to see it...

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 1,651, 13:48


jmurrib21 Day 1,815, 08:36

Like this article. good job to all of you. Subbed.

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