[MoD] Mythbusting and Guidance for Reporting

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Hello all,

In the past day or so some questions have been raised about what happens when someone is reported for overhitting. This article will talk through what you need to do if you have been overhit and what happens on the Government-end as a result.

It’s worth pointing out how you report and what happens when you do. Firstly, nothing has changed! The previously set guidelines are still in use, and they still work on the principle of you report an overhit, it is verified, and points are applied. We will aim to keep people updated when points are given, feel more than free to contact us to check on progress.

We will be giving the MoD Info sheet and reporting form a major facelift over the next few days so they make these links and info easier to find. We are also actively seeking new Training Wars to create more space for fighters, with a Netherlands Training war currently being approved by Congress.

Currently anyone with 2 points or more becomes ineligible for rewards. There is an appeals process and rewards expire after a period of time. The current Government hasn’t changed this as it is still consulting on the new battle guidelines and processes. Share your thoughts in the comments.

How to Make a Report

Reports can be made using the Reporting Tool. This link is featured on the MoD Info sheet, and will be more visible by next week. You can message your report to the MoD team or Minister of Defence if you cannot use the tool.

What do I report?

The form is to report ‘overhitting’ or ‘sniping’.

‘Overhitting’ is when you overtake a fighter for the medal position.
‘Sniping’ is when you do this in the closing moments of a battle.

These are based on the understanding that there are many TW’s and Rounds to participate in so everyone has a chance to gain a medal without ‘overhitting’. If a 3rd party fighter or a fighter from a TW partner nation overhits you, report that too so we know to follow it up with them. Reclaiming medals from 3rd party fighters is fine.

The reasoning and application of the guidelines as well as how points are used are all something that can be discussed as part of the T- battle guideline consultation being run by the MoD. Please share your thoughts in comments or messages.

Making a good report

eRepublik gives us limited battlefield information with which to evaluate and verify reports. There are times when it is not possible to do so. You can help get your report verified by providing certain pieces of key information:

Your name
The Battlefield
The Round and Division the incident happened
The person who overhit you
The battle-minute you did your damage
The battle-minute you were overhit

Providing this info makes it much easier to follow up on your report. The Reporting Form will be updated so this information is captured and the questions being asked are clearer.

How are Reports verified?

The MoD team look at the information you have provided and compares it with the damage done over the course of the battle. This also is not new, this is how reports have always been verified, but I am unsure if it has ever been explained. There are examples below to show you how it works.

There is limited information to verify a report - eRep provides only the total damage on each side of the battle for set minutes of the battle, it does not show who the damage came from.

This means we have to reconcile damage done recorded on the Fighter Statistics Tab with the total damage over time shown on the Battle Statistics tab. Some examples will demonstrate how we do this but it is not always possible. The aim is to identify who hit when. This is a necessary step to ensure points are given fairly and reports can be backed up with in game statistics.

Click through to see larger images

Things to keep in mind

Verification and the allocation of points is done fairly and equally across the reports made regardless of who is being reported.

These examples hopefully give you a sense of how limited the information we have to work with is. There are occasional times when we cannot verify a report because the information isn’t there to do so. This is usually a result of people fighting at the same time, this can mean if you chase down someone who is overhitting you it can ‘muddy’ the data on the Battle Stats page and also make verification difficult.

With that in mind a good piece of advice when responding to an overhit is to avoid hitting whilst they are if you can - remember the Battle Statistics we rely on to verify reports is as its best when we can distinguish between fighters based on their damage done and the total influence of the battle in a given minute.

When a report can be verified - which is the majority of cases, points will be allocated. In this context points do not mean prizes, they mean the individual is not eligible for rewards. You can also report 3rd party or TW fighters so we can identify any repeat offenders to discuss with other nations.

Why should I Report

If you haven’t reported it we do not know it has happened. Making a report gives us a better sense of where and when disruption occurs, who we need to approach to try and mediate it, and of course who may not be eligible for rewards.

It goes without saying that there may be some people who do not want to follow any guidelines and who feel they are meta or don’t accommodate their play style. We have rewards and points to try and incentivise good battlefield behaviours, and until members of the MoD team can reach through your screens to slap your keyboards out of your hands, reporting people is the next best thing!

This article has made lots of references to the battle guidelines - these guidelines are something we are keen to hear feedback on. We are running a consultation on T- rules which you can read more about it here. Share your thoughts! We want to know if you find the current damage thresholds restrictive, if the time restraints could be changed, or any views you have about how these guidelines can be improved. Feel more than free to comment here, on that article or send a message. We are listening!

Across eRep governments are limited to how they tackle overhitting. A lot do nothing, others write a code of conduct but understand it cannot be enforced and so on. Even bounties made minimal impact on battlefield misconduct, and the recent turbulence experienced by many is in part driven by the excess of EB’s players still have after the last events. Periods of disruption are common after large events such as Spring Break. Please make sure you are filing reports so we have good data on where disruption is happening and who may be causing it. Additionally feel more than free, as always, to share ideas about how we can approach this as a community.

Lastly, don't forget rewards have changed. There’s now various ways you can add little bonuses to your core rewards, detailed in this article. Keep an eye out for MoD comms for chances to earn a little extra on top of your Fighting rewards and Citizen Dividend. Rewards are paid every four weeks, so expect them within a fortnight.

Thanks for reading!

Mr Woldy (CP)
Darkmantle (MoD)