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This article covers some reminders on Orders, Coordination groups, new ‘Live-Fire’ exercises, the T- Battle Etiquette consultation and a thanks for those who have helped raise epics this week.

Before we get into all of that, a quick note to say Fighting Rewards have been paid, almost all fighters will have received a donation from the Department of Munitions. There’s a handful (single digit) that haven’t been made whilst we review eligibility, a handful of complaints (do record things on the form mentioned below) and the data. By next week all will be sorted.

As described in the CP and MoF update, for this round of rewards we have honoured the fact your kills were obtained under the previous Rewards system, and as such are paying out whichever entitlement is greater, (in CC value, no guns this time) the total cost of doing this transitional approach has been calculated as 3.25 Mil. This is covered by 1.6 Mil of funding from Congress plus Reserves/MM income as described in the MoF report.

For context we have estimated the cost of the old rewards system as approx 2.80 Mil for the four weeks ending May 7th. The cost of new Rewards is currently fixed at 1.60 Mil plus a player Dividend sourced from Money market profits calculated at (minimum) 10k per person - approx 1.25 Mil.

The next round of reward payments will be done using only the new approach. In the interests of full transparency players will be sent a statement over the weekend showing how their reward was calculated and the value of their Reward entitlement under both the old and new systems.

MoD Orders

You can find up to date orders from the MoD using this link : https://tinyurl.com/MoDinfoo

Lots of contextual information is contained on the info sheet, but current orders will always be at the top. This link will regularly be shared on the national feed, where orders will also be communicated by Cabinet members.

As a general rule battles follow the below pattern:

This refers to how battles are displayed on the Wars Page.

It is always wise to check the feed and/or MoD Info document, as there may be instances where this pattern is being deviated from, such as today in Lombardy.

Coordination Groups

If you want Orders delivered to your door, there are a few ways you can get them:

MoD Messaging group - please comment if you would like to be added to a MoD Messaging group that will be set up in game. We will include top fighters from the leaderboard by default so alternatively you can comment if you do not want to be included!

Discord - The eUK Discord has a channel for Epic and Order announcements. You can access it here: https://discord.gg/NfMmxNR7Ed

Telegram - The UK Epics Coordination channel is here: https://t.me/+2MciKfnt-RUyZGM0

Naturally these channels are not mandatory. The same information will be shared in each so you can use the one that suits you best, or use the doc and feed if you prefer.

Live Fire Exercises

LFE’s will be taking over from the current TARE system and expanding to include all eUK citizens, instead of being MU-based. This means that anyone who takes part in an objective will be eligible for rewards.

At a random time each week, variable-notice instructions will be sent from the MoD to the eUK via an article and/or the eUK feed. We will also post these instructions in any MoD message groups, on Discord and in Telegram, allowing as many people as possible to see them.

The system will be points-based, with the number of points being determined based on each set of instructions. Upon completion of the exercise, an article or shout will be updated to include the results and rewards. There is a £200,000.00 fund for this purpose which may be increased if the incentive is well received and appears to work..

The purpose of these LFE’s is to encourage coordination and responsiveness across the eUK in line with Goal 2 of the eUK Strategy.

Please feel free to get in touch or comment any ideas for objectives, based on what you think will encourage coordination or be fun!

T- Battle Etiquette consultation

Last month a new set of Battle Guidelines was announced. Since then there’s been pockets of feedback given and some requests for clarity and simplification from across the eUK. We want to gather views in line with the aims of Goal 2 of the eUK Strategy.

The current guidelines are in the MoD Info Doc and in this article.

We would like to consult with the public on how these rules may be further simplified, and which parts you feel could be changed or need clarifying. Please comment any thoughts you may have. This is a safe space to share views.

To get you started, give some consideration to these themes/questions:

Are the rules clear to UK, TW and 3rd party players?

Can we reduce the number of rules?

Do we need damage levels and timings (T-)?

What do we want MPP partners to do?

Should they apply to all divisions?

For anyone uncertain, a T- system references battle guidelines which focus on the time (T) of a battle. For example, rules which say ‘3rd party fighters T30’ mean that nations expect only home/TW partner fighters to hit in the first 30 minutes, and 3rd party fighters can be overtaken with impunity during that time.

Some examples are here, here and here!

A final note is that we do not plan to adjust the eUK’s rules on gaining points and the ability to withhold Fighter Rewards from repeat offenders. However if you would like to share thoughts on how that is working please do.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Lastly our thanks goes to those who have helped raise D4 and Air epics this week. These should be a weekly occurrence and the MoFA is maintaining an active pipeline of Epic partners, aiming for D4 and air Epics on tuesdays.

Thanks for reading,
Mr Woldy