The Saga of the I.B.

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The Saga of the I.B. and the Sheep: A Tale of Discord and Discontent

My Fellow eAmericans,

In a twist of fate that even the most seasoned storyteller couldn't conjure, here I am, penning yet another discourse that I never thought I'd have to write. But alas, after countless attempts to navigate the labyrinthine chaos that is the BSP, I find myself at the precipice of exasperation, staring into the abyss of sheer frustration brought about by the Insufferable Buffoon at the helm of their ship. Yes, dear reader, we are about to embark on a journey into the heart of the Sheep, a flock led astray by the siren call of one man's cult of personality.

Throughout the annals of our shared history, I've made numerous endeavors to find common ground with the denizens of the Sheep. Yet, when the shepherd's bell tolls, even the noblest among them find themselves ensnared in his web of influence. It's akin to witnessing a recurring farce, where the same tired arguments echo ad nauseam, and one begins to wonder if the shepherd truly believes his rhetoric. It's like dealing with Trite, only with a generous sprinkling of extra IQ points.

Accusations fly like confetti at a parade, with nearly every member of our community finding themselves branded as multi-accounts or bots at some point. Recently, even stalwarts of our executive were unjustly accused of thievery, sparking a conflagration in our Congress Discord that fizzled into nothingness, leaving Henry to retreat to his echo chamber where his every utterance is met with reverent nodding.

Behold, a real-life cartoon strip of Henry himself
A visual testament to the absurdity that has become all too familiar in our political landscape.

A few weeks hence, I convened a modest Discord chamber, inviting members from various parties in a bid to bridge the chasm between the discontented and the so-called ruling elite. The irony, however, is as thick as molasses. For what some dub the ruling elite would gladly welcome any willing soul into their fold to aid in governing our nation. Yet, so few heed the call, preferring instead to languish in their bitterness and apathy. In this chamber, I presented three proposed legislations that have stirred debate in our Congress of late, with the intention of engaging BSP in constructive dialogue. Progress was being made, bridges were being built, and then, true to form, Henry pulled what we affectionately term a "Classic Henry." He snatched up his ball, sucked his thumb, and retreated to the safety of his sheep pen.

The irony of this screenshot is as abundant as it is poignant.

Henry wasn't blackballed from the meeting; he simply wasn't included, much like Owl, Voots, Dude, Shef, and numerous others. The purpose of the meeting was to gather individuals untouched by the fracas in our Congress Discord, to enact change collaboratively. Yet, Henry's dismissal of the proposed laws as "fake" only underscores his obstinacy and unwavering commitment to his narrative. He would have championed these measures had he been included, thus exemplifying the cult of personality that surrounds him. To label them as "fake laws" implies a disregard for their efficacy, a notion contradicted by the very BSP members who contributed to their genesis.

To my complete disappointment, Arrden then followed suit and did a similar thing. He took the bill on ABS, appended some valuable context and clarifications to it, and then, simply because he disagreed with one aspect, he abruptly deleted his version, effectively concealing it from view. Fortunately, my experiences with the BSP playbook over the years had equipped me for such tactics.

In the realm of Congress, crafting laws rarely garners unanimous consent. Compromise reigns supreme. If one finds themselves in accord with 95% of the proposed legislation but chooses to abandon the effort over the remaining 5%, they're adhering to the BSP playbook to the letter.

The historical chronicle of Sheep demands attention. Their demands for less forum usage were met, culminating in the demise of the forum itself. Their clamor for in-game voting was heeded, resulting in multiple voting platforms that have introduced confusion and disarray. Their desire to see Henry at the helm was fulfilled, yet he repays their loyalty with disdain for those who shoulder the burdens of governance.

I pose a question to you, my fellow countrymen: What contributions have the Sheep made to our nation? They obstruct our donation laws, hamstringing our treasury's ability to function effectively. Their impact on the battlefield is negligible at best. They hurl insults and accusations at our leadership, fostering an atmosphere of discord and mistrust. They stand as a beacon of negativity, obstinately refusing to engage in meaningful discourse or collaborate for the greater good.

For the Sheep to forge ahead, they must divest themselves of this insufferable buffoonery and engage with those willing to address their concerns. Should they choose this path, they will find themselves welcomed back into the fold, ready to march in unison toward progress. Should they persist in their obstinacy, they will remain exiled on the fringes, perpetuating a cycle of bitterness and recrimination against those who tirelessly strive to keep our nation afloat.

In conclusion, if this missive is deemed unbecoming or in contravention of our party's ethos, I extend my sincerest apologies to my Rough Riders. However, there comes a point when one must lay bare the truth for all to see, to illuminate the path forward amidst the darkness of discord. I stand proud of the recent dialogues aimed at fostering community improvement. I stand proud of the Rough Riders and their unwavering service to our nation. And above all, I stand proud to serve as your CP in the eUS.