The Horror of the Mobile App [write comments]

Day 5,807, 07:34 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by EPThompson

The mobile app sucks. Everyone probably knows this. But my first question after three days of playing is: why?

There is no option to join a political party in the mobile app. The elections are completely broken. There is no opportunity to build your own companies and work in them. Production and deployment reports do not display properly. Everything is broken. The only function that works is the military one.

My first idea was that the developers decided to use Google Play only as an advertising platform. It makes sense. Three days ago I started playing eRepublik because I saw the game in the app store. Nothing complicated. Thanks to the game old-timers, I quickly switched to the browser version.

But what kind of advertising is this? If the military system in the game is, frankly speaking, quite mediocre?

What do you think? Please, write comments, share your opinions. (I need 25 to complete the task)