[Crypto Weekly] Crypto Vault Heist I, II and III (01-21-Nov-2022)

Day 5,466, 14:56 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Hi to all!

We have something different, 3 weeks of the Crypto Vault Challenge ongoing.

Start - Day 5,460 (1st of November 2022)
End - Day 5,480 (21st of November 2022)

Crypto Vault I - Prestige Hunter medal at 90k PP.
Crypto Vault II - PH at 90k PP.
Crypto Vault III - up to 90k?

Crypto Vault Heist

Source: eRep Crypto Vault banner information

Between Day 5,460, 00:00 and Day 5,480, 23:59 completing as many milestones during each of the three Weekly Challenges as fast as possible will enable citizens to unlock a very special reward - Bitcoins (or better to say, their smaller building parts - Satoshi coins).

Throughout the Weekly Challenge rewards, a number of Satoshi Vault Keys are available on top of the regular prizes.

How to unlock the Satoshi Box?

The collected keys can be used in the Gold Shop to unlock the exclusive Satoshi Box which contains amounts of Satoshi (the smallest denomination of Bitcoin) so long as the Vault is not depleted.

Navigate to the Gold store and select the Satoshi Box

You will then have the option to exchange the Vault Key for the Satoshi Box which contains 30 Satoshi coins (each key)

If the Vault is depleted, you will no longer be able to open Satoshi Boxes. (and you need to wait for the next weekly challenge to start)

Every Weekly Challenge has its own Crypto Vault.

Satoshi Vault Keys are valid for any vault no matter the Weekly Challenge they were collected from.

Satoshi Vault Keys Expiry

Satoshi Vault Keys are Temporary Items and will expire on Day 5,480, 23:59. (21st of November 2022)

Any Satoshi rewards that remain unclaimed by Day 5,494, 23:59 will be forfeited and purged from your account. (deleted, removed 😃)

What is LN

The Lightning Network (also referred to as Lightning or LN) is a scalability solution built on top of Bitcoin that allows users to make environmentally friendly Bitcoin transactions quickly and with virtually no fees. The Bitcoin services are provided by eRepublik partner Zebedee.io.

Articles with more info

Reward Terms and Conditions article - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-crypto-reward-terms-and-conditions-2760333/1/20

Full list of the Crypto Vault Weekly Rewards - https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-crypto-full-list-of-the-crypto-weekly-rewards-2760487/1/20 + info helpful to all new players with small warehouses - how to put RAW materials on the market 😉

How to Claim and Transfer Satoshi coins?

You can then claim your Satoshi at any time by transferring them to a Bitcoin Lightning Wallet, using the dedicated section in your Storage.

You can send a maximum of 500 coins per day!

There are shouts from people who will give back some cc in return for sending the 500 SATS to them, or you can try your luck in the Clopo Giveaways - or if you really don't know what to do with them - you can always send them to me 😃

My wallet address is ivapozitiva@zbd.gg


Have a nice day you all!

Yours truly, still fluffy and smiling,
Rabbit of Caerbannog