[DWARF] Welcome Saudi-Arabia !

Day 5,271, 10:38 Published in Cyprus Ukraine by DWARF HQ

Greetings everyone

Today DWARF has a big announcement to make ! We have a new member, Saudi-Arabia.

Even if our members worked closely with Saudi-Arabia in the past months, what really pushed their decision was Iran invading them. So I have to thank Iran today, for making sure Saudi-Arabia would never be neutral ever again !

We are happy to welcome a new small community to our alliance, that is showing today we also matter, as they are kicking Iran by force of their own.

Let me remind all small countries what DWARF stands for: We matter to, we just have to play together, help eachother and of course, have fun together.

Any country wishing to join DWARF can take contact with SG or any member's gov member, I'm sure everyone will be able to show you the way 🙂