[DoI] Active Programs and Owl Feed!

Day 5,257, 07:12 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Department of the Interior - Erepublik Day 5257 (Tuesday, April 12, 2022)

Today's Interior Topics
1 | Owl Feed Program
2 | VAT Program
3 | Q1 Housing Program
1 | Owl Feed Program

An owl feeding

Today we start a new program! We will be providing 100 Q2 food to every applicant. This will be a daily program open to all eUSA citizens!

So how to get your food?

Simple! Similarly to what has been done with the other programs, all you have to do is to reply Arrden's shout in the National Feed. Arrden will be the one shouting out and providing the food!
2 | VAT Program

The Voots Anti-Tax (or VAT) is a program designed to get funds to you, the average American. Each monday, there will be a shout on the national feed. This is a great opportunity to see what the current orders are, as they’ll be listed on the national feed as well.

Here’s how you get your money.

1. Be an American. If you’re not an American, then apply for CS and fill out this form: https://tinyurl.com/eUSA-IES-Application
2. Reply to the weekly shout.
3. Wait for your free cash.

The amount of cash distributed depends on the amount of money available and the number of people requesting, and thus it will likely vary from week to week.
Currently, this program will be funded entirely by Herr Vootsman. Make sure to send him some thanks!

Any issues regarding funding, contact Harvey R Specter or Herr Vootsman.
3 | Q1 Housing Program

The Q1 Housing Program as it seems will be very likely included in this month's congressional budget and therefore government funded, so lookout for this friday's post to receive a refund!

As clarified in the article where the program was announced, changes could occurr. At the moment, the only change is as follows:

- Applicants with strength lower than 50k and in Division 1 that cannot afford a Q1 house may contact the Secretary of Interior in order to receive the money upfront.

For more information, please follow up in this Article.

For the sake of clarification...

Q1 House

Q5 House

The Q5 houses are bigger and much more luxurious.
Secretary of Interior Harvey R Specter