[DoE] Daily Challenge and Housing Program

Day 5,253, 08:00 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Education Today - Erepublik Day 5253 (Friday, April 8, 2022)

Today’s Educational Topics

1 | New Daily Challenge
2 | Q1 Housing Program

1 | New Daily Challenge

Hello everyone!

Starting on the day 5252, Citizens will be able to get more rewards by performing their normal daily activities. And, taken by surprise with this new change made by Plato to improve the dynamics of the game, we will understand them together below. Feel free to check out!

New challenge layout

Plato introduced new changes to eRepublik today. So, starting today we will have the possibility to complete the various missions of the Daily Challenge (such as traveling, working, training, fighting, spending items and completing the Daily Order) rewarding players with Prestige Points and Daily Activity Points.

For the players who do not know, Prestige Points are the ones earned for the Weekly Challenge and can be early mostly fighting.

Daily Activity Points (from now referred to APs) are points you can only earn by completing the missions of the Daily Challenge. Each mission will give you a different amount of APs.

The Five Daily Reward Boxes, each containing valuable rewards, can be unlocked with Activity Points each day.

Important Notes:

- Missions and Boxes will be updated at Day-Change every day.
- Activity Points do not carry over from one day to the next.

Let's take a look at what we will receive if we complete the 7 days:

- 1 extra fuel (7 per week)
- 52 raw materials (364 per week)
- 5 extra points (35 per week)
- 1.5k cc (10.5k per week)
- 1 damage accelerator (7 per week)
- 516 prestige points (3612 per week)

The challenge contains several things we could do. I will only consider the things that are sure to have an impact on the macroeconomics of the game. Some of these things are:

- Employ workers
- Produce raw material, weapons, food, houses or aircraft.

The combined rewards and requirements will cause various things that will affect the labor market, the money market and the profitability of production as well. Newly purchased raw materials are likely to be put on the market, which will cause the raw material price to fall. This will make production more profitable. However, the added cc will decrease the value of money, which means 1 gold is likely to be worth more than it is now. Not much though. Extra profits from cheaper raw materials will be offset by inflation.

On the other hand, considering that many new players will be making job offers, we expect salaries to be higher soon, this means that the profitability of companies will be nullified by this change. As employing workers really brings a lot of points, wages can be increased by 10-20% in no time. This increase is likely to be smaller in the long run. There are also extra overtime points, which means more money for an average employer. It looks like the biggest change will be with the amount of money in the game.

Once all Daily Crates are unlocked, progress on Daily Quests will still be possible, but there will be no other rewards for completing them other than the Quest rewards themselves.

Important Note: The activity points earned are not decreased after opening the crates.

2 | Q1 Housing Program

In an effort to give our citizens a Q1 House in order to boost their economic and energy capabilities, the Department of Interior is refunding 100% of every citizen who purchases a new Q1 house.

Some ground rules of the program:

1. Only eUS citizens are entitled to these refunds.
2. eUS citizens may request the refund once per week. The request should be done as a reply to the posts done by the Secretary of Interior in the National Feed. Example below:

3. Citizens with low strength (under 20k) and currently in Division 1 will take the priority in receiving the funds.
4. The program will refund all citizens until the budget limit is fully depleted. The budget currently assigned for this program is 500k USD.

Recommendations and notes

This program is currently privately funded and there are discussions on Congressional Floor in order for the government to fund it directly. Considering this, changes may occur to the Program pending Congressional Decision and the approval of the Q1 Housing Program Bill.

We recommend buying from American Producers!

Go buy your house, this one below could be yours!

One of the many Q1 houses for sale!

Secretary of Interior Harvey R Specter