And the nominee is:

Day 4,893, 21:25 Published in USA USA by Trekker Tlumac

Greeting all 506ers and friends! The party presidential primary has run its course and we have a winner. We, in leadership, would like to thank all the party members that hopped into the party discord to vote. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

We will be modifying the method of voting next cycle, but that will be announced at a later date.

That said, and without erroneous amounts of ado, we will now announce the winning of the Party Presidential Primary!

This month’s party voted nominee for Party President is:

Trekker Tlumac

Uh… Wait a moment… That’s me.

*Ruffles through paperwork*

*Stares at said paperwork with raised eyebrows*

*Nervously coughs into his tail*

Deep breaths. Come on Trekk, deep breaths

*Smiles up at you, dear reader, with tears in his beady lizard eyes

I love you guys. Thank you guys for nominating me for Party President. It mean a lot to me to be part of leadership in this reborn party. It’s been an honor to operate as 506 Spokeslizard the last three months. We’ve come a long way together, and our journey is just beginning. I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for us. I’ll try to get some regular 506 and Trekk media out there that isn’t just about our primaries and other official actions.

If you want to be a part of that action, I would love to have a chat. Shoot your shot, erm, I mean message, let’s discuss things! As always, we are stronger together than we could ever be divided.

So back on message… Thank you guys for giving me a chance to show that I am not just another pretty green face with a loud mouth. I, Trekker Tlumac, the sexiest lizard, graciously accept the party nomination for Party President of the 506 and sincerely hope to garner all your votes on the 15th.

Also… If you are at all interested in the real-life namesakes of the party and the MU, I encourage you to read up about the 506 Infantry Regiment and its legendary E Company. To get you started, I have included the wiki links to both below.

Are you interested in doing more with the party? Come join us in discord, talk with us, party like rock stars! Keep a look out for our future media! Who knows what the future holds? But The 506 will be there to see it! We are all already taking this journey together. This is true regardless of our views and histories. So why not pop in and talk with us, we are stronger together, always. Even if you aren’t interesting in helping out, or even joining the party, we’d love to connect with you.

Keep a look out for more 506 articles! We should have a 506 congress release in a little over a week for congressional election, followed by the Country Presidential primary announcement in about two weeks, as well as the result of the vote a few days later. And remember to vote with us next month in the next PP primary!