506 April Party Presidential Primary

Day 4,890, 16:25 Published in USA USA by Trekker Tlumac

Greetings to all those beautiful 506ers! It is the second week of the month! And you know what that means!!!! Party Presidential election time!





To participate in

THE 506 Party Presidential Primary!
Or the 506 PPP, if you will.

Voting is easy. Just hop on the 506 discord and nominate your favorite 506er in #the-506-hangout. At the end of voting a winner will be declared by popular vote. Voting runs from the 10th to the 13th. A brief article announcing the winner will be circulated and letting the party know the results of the primary vote.

Ingame elections take place on the 15th.

Also… If you are at all interested in the real-life namesakes of the party and the MU, I encourage you to read up about the 506 Infantry Regiment and its legendary E Company. To get you started, I have included the wiki links to both below.

Here’s the 506th
Here’s E Company

Are you interested in doing more with the party? Come join us in discord, talk with us, party like rock stars! Keep a look out for our future media! Who knows what the future holds? But The 506 will be there to see it! We are all already taking this journey together. This is true regardless of our views and histories. So why not pop in and talk with us, we are stronger together, always. Even if you aren’t interesting in helping out, or even joining the party, we’d love to connect with you.