Poutine with Pals #11 - Mary Chan

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Welcome back to another edition of Poutine with Pals! I had the pleasure of speaking with Mary Chan.

Mary is a valued (some most say legendary) member of the eCanadian community. She's been around a long time, serving in congress 58! times as well as multiple executives. Mary has been a prominent member of the MDP (in its prime) as well as the CPF. I've always admired her kindness and consistency and am happy to call her a friend. This interview slot was originally supposed to be some 2000 days ago so without further adieu let's get started!

1. Tell us a little about the RL Mary Chan

MC: I'm an accountant/beancounter, so I'm usually looking at spreadsheets while listening to some podcasts from 9-5. Outside of work, I spend time gaming and helping out with some church stuff.

klop: All about the $ and numbers

2. RL Hobbies and Interests?

MC: I like to think I've got some taste in music, maybe some abilities, but unfortunately limited talent. (In particular, I have very poor rhythm.)
You could consider my appreciation for the Opera browser an interest, albeit an unusual one. In our Internet Age, a web browser is an essential tool for our daily lives. I consider Chrome to be a standard and familiar browser to most of us, but Opera is... love? Lol. A comparison would be using a regular chef knife vs. a fancy Japanese steel chef knife. They'll both get the job done, but one provides a noticeably different experience in ease and comfort, and perhaps enjoyment. I've convinced some friends to switch to it or at least try it out. (It would please me usually much so to hear if you do give it a try. I'll admit it's a weird thing I get excited about.)

klop: I'll admit I'm a Chrome fan, boring right? But now that you've referred to Opera as a Japanese knife maybe I really should try it. Let me know folks!

3. Best RL adventure you've been on?

MC: Seeing the sunrise at Indian Head Cove at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario. Absolutely stunning scenery of water and sky, rocks and trees. Also uncanny to see the sun rise from the water on one side and see the moon on the other side of the beach. And the contrast between the dark walk from the campground to the cove before dawn to the golden walk back, seeing and hearing the forest wake up. Incredible.

klop: Definitely can second this, I've been to that National Park a couple times, each time it takes my breath away. The whole of the peninsula has some really beautiful views. I'd also recommend trying the taco truck that's a staple nearby!

4. Tell us a story of your first experiences in eCan and eRep

MC: I wasn't involved at the start, so it was the basics of V1. Strength training had trivia questions and there were different industry work skills: construction, manufacturing, and land. The CP was Zanalan at the time, per the new citizen message. It told me to sign up on the forums but I wasn't interested at the time.

klop: I'll be honest I don't even remember the early days, impressive you recall who the CP was and the message. Ugh the forums, I remember those.

5. Greatest player you’ve ever met? (Yes more than one is fine, as long as you say why.)

MC: In no particular order:
- Acacia Mason: podcasts between Northern Exposure and No Pants No Secrets, some great articles, and storming London, UK (correct me if I'm wrong here).

- Rylde: lots of surprises including wartime roundups, tanking against eCanada, burying the hatchet involving Rolo, and that time he got drunk liquidated everything and sent it to me.

- Raw784: my old fond French uncle in CAF. He's one of the quieter ones. That being said, he's not great in the sense that he achieved a lot in-game, especially since he stayed out of politics for the most part, but I think he did what he wanted to out of eRep and never got riled up from it.

- Nosyt: ~hyuu~

klop: Truly some great players here, Acacia was a favourite, I remember the podcasts and of course the legendary battle of London (one of our national highlights I daresay). I didn't really have the pleasure of meeting Raw784 or Nosyt directly but always have heard good things. And of course Fortune Favours the Bold, Rylde.

6. Favourite in game moment?

MC: First BH. Always the most memorable. TCO helped me out despite me being a CAFer. Mostly the Irish Crimsons and Chucky Norris supplied me. I recall Chucky couldn't let TCO get all the thanks 😛

7. Do you regret ever starting to play this game?

MC: Nope, I don't regret it. Overall eRepublik and eCanada has been positive. If I still have regrets starting eRep, I wouldn't be logging in anymore. There are a lot of good people I've met and glad to have met. Shoi12 remains a good friend of mine to this day, which I'm grateful and fortunate.

8. What is your favourite movie?

MC: Moulin Rouge. The Greatest Showman would be the runner up and family friendly pick. Both are movie musicals, so the genre generally appeals to me however for some odd reason La La Land didn't do it.

9. What led to your eMarriage to Rylde?

MC: It's honestly been so long that I don't remember anymore LOL.

10. Why haven't we seen a Mary for CP movement?

MC: The most recent pitch for Mary4CP was a plan to get elected then have congress impeach me the day after to have the runner up carry the rest of the term. But that's just unfair to the runner up, so let's say I'm elected and not impeached, I'd lean heavily on others in Exec that have kept eCan running for the last some odd years.
In short, I don't deserve it. I'm not committed enough to follow through with being CP.

Mary for CP!

11. What is one thing you're going to do once the pandemic is over?

MC: All you can eat Korean BBQ with a group of friends. I look forward to pigging out on seasoned beef short ribs among good company.

klop: Crazy that a year ago we used to be able to do that! Korean BBQ is always a treat

Thank you Mary for your patience (I know I took forever to publish) and your time. As always, leave suggestions, questions you want answered or people you want to see interviewed in the comments below!

Next up is former POTUS and current EZC legend Trekker Tlumac so stay tuned for that one! It will feature the same general questions but also include an AMA format next time so leave any questions you have below!

Finally, as usual every comment gets 1000 units of free food!

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